1.   SCOOTERS AND MOPEDS.  Whereas the Fascist/Nazi dichotomy within modern idealism would translate into a transportational distinction between, say, Lambretta-type streamlined scooters and Vespa-type bubble-panel and/or plain scooters, the Communist/Bolshevik, or Marxist/Leninist, dichotomy within modern naturalism would just as credibly translate into a transportational distinction between, say, fixed-pedal plain mopeds and a more streamlined type of retractable-pedal moped.  For scooters stand to mopeds as idealism to naturalism, the stellar to the solar, or, in political parlance, Fascism to Communism.


2.   MOTORBIKES AND TRIKES.  By contrast to mopeds, motorbikes are rather more fundamentalist, and thus Neo-Islamic and/or Vampire-esque in their correlation, due in large part to engine and panelling, with heart and blood, as though they stood in an antithetical relationship to mopeds ... as two-wheeled vehicles owing more, by dint of the absence of pedals, to the 'Kingdom Within' at its alpha-most level than to the 'Kingdom Without' at its omega-most level.  In this respect, they are probably the fundamentalist counterpart to trikes, which must surely stand in an antithetical relationship to scooters - namely, as transcendentalist three-wheeled vehicles owing more to the spirit than to the soul, and thus standing closer, in a metaphysical manner-of-speaking, to the lungs/air than to the heart/blood, the avoidance of a petrol engine being of especial significance in their transcendence not only of the heart but, owing to the engine's use of petrol, the blood as well, which must surely rank as an additional factor to streamlining in the identification of motorbikes with the blood, an identification which, in the 'Kingdom-Without' contexts of scooters and mopeds, would translate into light and fire respectively.  Hence a stellar/spiritual antithesis between scooters and trikes would be paralleled, on the next spectrum down, by a solar/soulful antithesis between mopeds and motorbikes.


3.   OPEN-TOPPED AND ENCLOSED CARS.  Doubtless, one could distinguish, on a like-alpha/omega basis, between open-topped cars and enclosed cars on the next spectrum down, the lunar/intellectual one, so to speak, and I would argue that whereas mopeds and motorbikes constitute a naturalist/fundamentalist antithesis, open-topped and enclosed cars are constitutive of a materialist/nonconformist one.


4.   BUSES AND COACHES.  Likewise, on the bottom spectrum ... of worldly mundaneness, I would argue for a planar/sensual antithesis between, for example, single-decker buses/coaches and double-decker buses/coaches, contending that whereas the former were realistic and alpha-stemming, the latter are humanistic and omega-orientated.


5.   VANS AND LORRIES.  Obviously a similar dichotomy between open-topped vans/lorries and enclosed vans/lorries would also have to be allowed for, and it could well transpire that vans/lorries are intermediate between cars above and buses below ... rather than either strictly materialist/nonconformist or realist/humanist.