1.   POSITIVE MIND.  Where there is negative mind there is always the possibility of positive mind, whether with regard to the superconscious, the subconscious, the conscious, or the unconscious, and what has been argued of negative mind can just as logically be argued of its positive, or omega-oriented, antithesis - namely, that any given manifestation of it is to be found in all four subdivisions of the brain ... from the backbrain to the forebrain via the right and left midbrains.


2.   DEVOLUTIONARY/EVOLUTIONARY DISTINCTION.  The real distinction between negative and positive mind will be that whereas the former is devolutionary, the latter is evolutionary, since the one is symptomatic of a regression from particle primacy, while the other is symptomatic of a progression towards wavicle supremacy.  Thus whereas negative mind becomes regressively less idealistic or naturalistic or materialistic or realistic ... the more it devolves from alpha primacy, positive mind becomes progressively more transcendentalist or fundamentalist or nonconformist or humanist ... the more it evolves towards omega supremacy.  Now this applies to all manifestations of negative/positive mind, from the superconscious and subconscious at the noumenal top, so to speak, to the conscious and unconscious at the phenomenal bottom.


3.   DIVERGENCE AND CONVERGENCE.  The alpha-stemming manifestations of mind (negative) are generally characterized by a certain distancing from the experiencer, since they tend to happen to him, whereas the omega-oriented manifestations of mind (positive) are more directly experienced as manifestations of a personal commitment on the part of their practitioner.  There is, furthermore, the suggestion of a scientific/religious distinction between the two orders of mind, since negative mind expresses a divergence from self or, more correctly, not-self, whereas positive mind expresses or, more correctly, impresses a convergence towards self, a suggestion complicated by the fact that both the not-self and the self are divisible between noumenal and phenomenal manifestations.


4.   EXPRESSION AND IMPRESSION.  Hence whereas negative superconscious mind expresses negative being in idealism, positive superconscious mind impresses positive being in transcendentalism.  Likewise, whereas negative subconscious mind expresses negative doing in naturalism, positive subconscious mind impresses positive doing in fundamentalism.  Similarly, whereas negative conscious mind expresses negative taking in materialism, positive conscious mind impresses positive taking in nonconformism.  And, finally, whereas negative unconscious mind expresses negative giving in realism, positive unconscious mind impresses positive giving in humanism.


5.   EXPLOSIVE AND IMPLOSIVE.  The expression of negative being, doing, taking, and giving is explosive, whereas the impression of positive being, doing, taking, and giving is implosive.  The particle alpha explodes centrifugally, the wavicle omega implodes centripetally.  The explosion of negative mind into particles expresses the negative being, doing, taking, or giving of the not-self, whereas the implosion of positive mind into wavicles impresses the positive being, doing, taking, and giving of the self.