1.   NEGATIVE/POSITIVE SUPERCONSCIOUS.  The objective noumenal not-self, or negative superconscious, is of the Clear/Unclear Light of the Void, whereas the subjective noumenal self, or positive superconscious, is of the Holy/Unholy Spirit of Heaven.


2.   NEGATIVE/POSITIVE SUBCONSCIOUS.  The objective noumenal not-self, or negative subconscious, is of the Clear/Unclear Fire of Time, whereas the objective noumenal self, or positive subconscious, is of the Holy/Unholy Soul of Hell.


3.   NEGATIVE/POSITIVE CONSCIOUS.  The objective phenomenal not-self, or negative conscious, is of the Clear/Unclear Ice of Volume, whereas the subjective phenomenal self, or positive conscious, is of the Holy/Unholy Mind of Purgatory.


4.   NEGATIVE/POSITIVE UNCONSCIOUS.  The subjective phenomenal not-self, or negative unconscious, is of the Clear/Unclear Soil of Mass, whereas the objective phenomenal self, or positive unconscious, is of the Holy/Unholy Id of the World.