1. ELEMENTINOS. In all the omega-oriented, or 'reborn', contexts, the elementinos (as one may call photinos, protinos, neutrinos, and electrinos) are both smaller and therefore finer than the elements of the alpha-stemming contexts. Thus they have a higher wavicle threshold than their larger antitheses. Yet they are still divisible, like their alpha-stemming counterparts, between objective and subjective options ... only the photino and neutrino being subjective.


2. ELEMENTS VIS--VIS ELEMENTINOS. The elements, being larger than elementinos, are fundamentally vacuums from which negative will diverges, whereas the elementinos, being smaller than elements, are essentially plenums towards which positive will converges. Hence to diverge from photons, protons, neutrons, and electrons, but to converge upon photinos, protinos, neutrinos, and electrinos. Or, more specifically, to diverge objectively from photons and neutrons, but subjectively from protons and electrons; and to converge objectively upon electrinos and protinos, but subjectively upon neutrinos and photinos.


3. CONTRARY MODES OF CONVERGENCE/DIVERGENCE. That which converges/diverges objectively does so in a rectilinear fashion (+), whereas that which converges/diverges subjectively does so in a curvilinear fashion (o). Thus there are two contrary external and internal modes of convergence/divergence.