1.   FASCISM AND TRANSCENDENTALISM.  From the extreme right-wing negative noumenal objectivity of fascism to the extreme left-wing positive noumenal subjectivity of transcendentalism, as from the eyes to the lungs, light to air.


2.   COMMUNISM AND FUNDAMENTALISM.  From the extreme left-wing negative noumenal subjectivity of communism to the extreme right-wing positive noumenal objectivity of fundamentalism, as from the ears to the heart, fire to blood.


3.   PARLIAMENTARIANISM AND NONCONFORMISM.  From the right-wing negative phenomenal objectivity of parliamentarianism to the left-wing positive phenomenal subjectivity of nonconformism, as from the tongue to the brain, water to thought.


4.   REPUBLICANISM AND HUMANISM.  From the left-wing negative phenomenal subjectivity of republicanism to the right-wing positive phenomenal objectivity of humanism, as from the flesh to the womb, earth to sperm.