1. SUPERFEMININITY VIS--VIS SUPERMASCULINITY. To contrast the superfemininity of the objective noumenal not-self with the supermasculinity of the subjective noumenal self, Devil with God, antispirit with spirit.


2. ALPHA/OMEGA SUBMASCULINITY. To contrast the alpha submasculinity of the subjective noumenal not-self with the omega submasculinity of the objective noumenal self, beast with warrior, antisoul with soul.


3. ALPHA/OMEGA MASCULINITY. To contrast the alpha masculinity of the objective phenomenal not-self with the omega masculinity of the subjective phenomenal self, sinner with saint, antimind with mind.


4. ALPHA/OMEGA FEMININITY. To contrast the alpha femininity of the subjective phenomenal not-self with the omega femininity of the objective phenomenal self, whore with angel, anti-id with id.