1. OLD/NEW BRAIN AND MIND DICHOTOMY BETWEEN ELEMENTS/ELEMENTINOS. Hence we can distinguish, it seems to me, the elements from the elementinos on the basis of an old and/or new brain/mind dichotomy, with particle/wavicle elements appertaining to the old brain/mind, but particle/wavicle elementinos appertaining, by contrast, to the new brain/mind.


2. ELEMENTS VIS--VIS ELEMENTINOS IN BOTH PHYSIOLOGICAL AND PSYCHOLOGICAL MODES. Thus it should follow that elements, or the larger particles/wavicles, will always appertain to the old brain/mind, whereas elementinos, or the smaller particles/wavicles, will always appertain to the new brain/mind.


3. STATE/CHURCH PARALLELS. Particle elements/elementinos stand to wavicle elements/elementinos pretty much as the State to the Church, whether on the 'particle/wavicle' terms of the old brain/mind, or on the 'particle/wavicle' terms of the new brain/mind, wherein we can envisage a presidential/messianic as opposed to a monarchic/papal distinction. For whereas the 'particle/wavicle' elements of the old brain/mind would indeed suggest an unconstitutional distinction between autocratic forms of State and Church, the 'particle/wavicle' elementinos of the new brain/mind would suggest the attainment of a constitutional distinction between democratic forms of State and Church - this latter only likely to reach full maturity, so I contend, on the basis of religious sovereignty for the People and the consequent establishment, following a majority democratic mandate, of what I am apt to term a Social Theocratic/Transcendentalist Centre, commensurate with 'Kingdom Come'.