1.   THE NATURE OF DEATH.  It is said that, at death, one 'gives up the ghost'.  But what is this 'ghost' one 'gives up', if not one's breathing of the air that keeps one alive?  Thus, at death, one ceases to breathe and loses consciousness ... only to be taken over, slowly but surely, by the unconscious, with its 'inner light'.  For, assuredly, that which replaces the 'ghost' of one's spiritual breathing can only be a light, since light thrives in a vacuum and, besides, death is normally followed - at any rate traditionally - by burial, which brings one's corpse more under the influence of the earth's core.  Now the earth's core is a kind of inner light compared with the external light, for example, of the sun or, more completely, the cosmos in general.  Thus to die is effectively to succumb, following loss of consciousness, or the 'ghost', to the earth's core and sink back, via chemical changes in the brain, into the visionary unconscious.  It is not, I repeat not, to experience a higher spiritual plane, as though spirituality had anything to do with the inner light of a visionary afterlife!  Rather, it is to fail from a Christian standpoint, the standpoint, we may believe, of spiritual peace, and embrace not the Holy Ghost, still less the Son (Christ), but a condition closer, in effect, to the Mother, since a return, in more than a simple physical sense, to 'Mother Earth'.  Can one therefore look upon this condition as a sort of spiritual Beyond?  Is it not, rather, a kind of visionary Beneath?  A condition less Christian than Heathen in its visionary unfolding?  For one has already 'given up the ghost', and thus ceased to lead anything approximating to a spiritual life.  One has lost one's consciousness in the process, becoming, thereafter, a plaything of the unconscious, the visionary essence of which, being internal, is closer to 'Mother Earth' than ever it is to 'Father Heaven' or, rather, 'Hell' (given that Heaven is the spiritual 'peace' of the Holy Ghost which follows upon the purgatorial 'understanding' of the Son).  If one does not exactly return to one's 'Fatherly Maker' in the solar/stellar context of the outer light (though cremation would be an equivalent phenomenon, as, more barbarously, would having been blown-up in a war or whatever), one has assuredly returned to one's 'Motherly Maker' in the mundane context of the inner light, and thus ceased to have anything to do with either the Son or the Holy Ghost, the intellectual understanding or the spiritual peace that lies beyond it in what is truly the 'Kingdom of Heaven'.  One has, I repeat, failed as a Christian, ceased to be Christian, and become, instead, a heathenistic corpse.  So much for the 'spirituality of the grave', the 'afterlife' of posthumous visionary experience which many people, and not a few clergymen, would be only too ready to mistake for Heaven!  Alas, it would be nearer the truth to say that there had been more Heaven in life, whilst one was yet breathing, than can ever be found in the grave!


2.   SUPERHUMAN CREATION.  Only, however, with the establishment, under Messianic auspices, of 'Kingdom Come' ... will there be any real prospect of Heaven ... as a truly spiritual condition both dependent upon and inseparable from the air one breathes or, rather, that post-human life forms would breathe ... as man was transmuted forwards, little by little, from a human creature capable of spirituality who nevertheless dies ... to a superhuman one who won't die ... because his brain will be artificially supported and just as artificially sustained.


3.   MILLENNIAL BEYOND.  Yes, only in 'Kingdom Come' could there be such a thing as Eternal Life, the life of a life form that does not and cannot die because it lives on a largely artificial plane ... above the mortality of the flesh and its sinful/heathen shortcomings.  Call it superman, superbeing, suprabeing, ultrabeing, or all four ... in successively more advanced stages of post-human, even post-cyborg, Eternal Life, the life of the millennial Beyond, wherein spirituality will peak at an all-time high of maximum joy in the lightness of the Holy Spirit of Heaven.  Backbrain collectivizations, right-midbrain collectivizations, left-midbrain collectiviza-tions, and, finally, forebrain collectivizations ... of ever-more evolving/evolved post-human life?  That is conceivably the kind of prospect which lies in store for humanity in the millennial Beyond ... of 'Kingdom Come'.  That is what, amongst other things, the Second Coming has to offer those who, mindful of the Heathen fate in store for those who die, yearn prayerfully for a better world to come, a world in which, ultimately, there is no death, as people know it, but only Eternal Life, the life of the spirit, of superconscious mind, at one, via the forebrain, with the air it breathes and/or has pumped into it in the blessed peace of ultimate salvation.