1.   SUPERCHRISTIAN BEYOND.  Since I tend to identify 'Kingdom Come' with Social Transcendentalism, and that, in turn, with Superchristianity, I should like to clarify my position in relation to the Social Transcendentalist alternative to the World and its Heathen afterlife (inner light).  As the reader may recall from previous texts, I divide the Superchristian Beyond, as it were, into three parts, deities, stages, tiers, or whatever one would like to call its equivalents to the Christian Trinity, meaning the strictly Catholic triad of the Blessed Virgin, the Christ Child, and the Holy Ghost.  These Superchristian equivalents, by contrast, are the Mary Child, the Second Coming, and the Holy Spirit of Heaven, and whereas the first is subfeminine, the second is quasi-supermasculine (from a masculine standpoint), and the third properly supermasculine, the supermasculinity of the superman.  Actually, the third part of the Superchristian triad is or has the capacity to become rather more than that, but, for the time being, it will suffice to think of it in supermasculine terms.


2.   SUBFEMININE NADIR.  Now if the subfeminine is regarded as the nadir or basis of our Superchristian 'Kingdom of Heaven', then the supermasculine is very firmly its zenith or apex, the most genuinely heavenly mode of divine redemption, while the quasi-supermasculine plane of the Second Coming, which would be broadly intellectual in a contemplation-inducing fashion, is intermediate between these two extremes - the one below and the other above.  In fact, there is also another dimension to each of these Superchristian planes, but, since it is secondary, I shall refrain from elaborating on it at present.  What I shall elaborate on, however, is the relationship between each of these planes and their cultural corollaries, as well as attempt to clarify, once again, the concept of 'resurrecting the Dead'.  For the 'resurrection of the Dead' is crucial to the establishment of 'Kingdom Come', even though its interpretation can only be loosely applied to 'the Dead' as such, since what is dead is dead and subject, as we have seen, to decomposition.  All it really means, this phrase, is the resurrection, through legalization, of the inner light of the cerebral afterlife on the basis of synthetic hallucinogens like LSD, which are less spiritual than visionary and therefore eminently suited, so I contend, to fill the role of an artificial alternative to 'Mother Earth', an alternative which is only truly possible to a people who have died to the World the better to be reborn into the Social Transcendentalist Beyond, renouncing 'sins of the World' in order to embrace the grace of religious sovereignty, with its Superchristian 'rights'.  Thus until one has democratically died to the World via the Second Coming, one cannot legally enter the 'Kingdom of Heaven', not even at its nadir in what I contend would be a broadly subfeminine realm of artificial visionary experience.  For LSD trips, for example, in resurrecting the inner light on visionary terms, correspond to the subfeminine ... as the basis upon which to advance humility for the subfeminine Redeemed, all those who, in superfeminine contexts, would otherwise be the victims of personality and thus given, through optical allure, to the outer light.  Such a diabolic situation, so characteristic of the superfeminine, is precisely what LSD trips, or hallucinogenic enlightenment, would be designed to save women from ... in order that they may be saved to ... the visionary humility of the Inner Light, and thus become angelic in their subfeminine redemption.  Hence LSD is not for supermen ... so much as their subfemale counterparts in 'Kingdom Come', whose appreciation of what is effectively a synthetic parallel to the inner light of 'Mother Earth' could only be greater, bearing in mind the bias of women, necessarily more superficial than men, for visionary appearances as opposed to spiritual essences.  The angelic subwoman will consequently be someone for whom the humility-inducing inner light of LSD, or some such synthetic hallucinogen, is a guarantor of eternal salvation from the diabolical threat of resurgent personality, rooted, superheathenly, in the outer light.  She will be a committed Superchristian.


3.   PSEUDO-SUPERMEN.  Yet there will be males whose closeness, culturally and temperamentally, to the subwomen ... would preclude one from regarding them as properly supermasculine.  Males, I mean, who would be, at best, pseudo-supermasculine in their cultural propinquity with these subfeminine females, and for them the appropriate 'drug' in 'Kingdom Come' would be cocaine or, at any rate, something that requires to be sniffed/snorted as opposed to swallowed.  For such a nasal method of drug consumption is assuredly closer to the spirit than to the id, closer to the superconscious than to the unconscious, and therefore more masculine than feminine.  Nevertheless, its usage implies recourse to a higher mode of the inner light ... such that removes it, in some degree, from the fieriness of the earth's molten core without entirely bringing it into harmony with the lightness of the air's space.  Hence its propinquity to the subfeminine obliges one to regard it in a pseudo-supermasculine light, and to conceive of it as a secondary dimension to what would properly be affiliated to the Mary Child.  Yet such a dimension must also be legislated for, and consequently it would be no less necessary to legalize cocaine, or some derivative thereof, than LSD ... come the official establishment, under Messianic auspices, of 'Kingdom Come'.  For a people who had democratically opted to die to the flesh of 'worldly sin' would have every right to the inner light of otherworldly grace.  Such grace precludes the existence of punishment, or penalties for criminal wrongdoing, and therefore the decriminalization of drugs would be a matter of divine necessity in 'Kingdom Come', if graceful people, or those who, constituting a majority, had democratically opted for religious sovereignty, were not to be regarded as criminals and duly punished from a less than heavenly viewpoint, the viewpoint of a Superheathen dispensation.  For whereas sin is Christian and grace ... Superchristian, crime is Heathen and punishment ... Superheathen, and nothing Superheathen, much less Heathen or Christian, could expect to find favour in a Superchristian civilization.