1. INTERMEDIATE REALM. Now if LSD-induced humility is to be regarded as the nadir of 'Kingdom Come', or of an avowedly Superchristian civilization run on Social Transcendentalist lines, then what may be called VDU-induced intellectuality ... should be regarded as germane to an intermediate realm lying in-between the humility of the Mary Child and the universality of the Holy Spirit of Heaven. Such an intermediate realm would approximate to the second deity of our Superchristian triad, viz. the Second Coming, and could be conceived of as standing in a sort of purgatorial light vis--vis the Superchristian nadir down below in the subfeminine depths, and the Superchristian zenith up above in the supermasculine heights, a light, I mean, which would enable us to regard it as serving, in addition to the strictly purgatorial, a dual purpose, both in terms of its relationship to 'the below' and to 'the above'. In the first case, that of its relationship to subfeminine humility, it would be concerned to deliver a poetical impression. In the second case, that of its relationship to supermasculine universality, it would be concerned to deliver a philosophical impression. In between, would come the strictly purgatorial realm of a fictional impression ... also delivered via VDU.


2. SECOND TIER OF 'KINGDOM COME'. Thus the second tier of 'Kingdom Come' would be divisible between a quasi-subfeminine context of abstract superpoems, which formerly Christic females could be expected to find it congenial to contemplate, and, above this, an androgynous context of avant-garde fiction ... likely to appeal to both genders, and, finally, a quasi-supermasculine context of transcendental philosophy (theosophy), such that only the most Heaven-oriented of formerly Christic males could be expected to appreciate, all aspects of this second tier deriving from my oeuvre (for I am, after all, the self-proclaimed 'literary' Second Coming), and existing on computer disc (both hard and soft) for VDU appreciation.


3. SUPERCHRISTIAN PURGATORY. Thus whereas the first tier of our projected Superchristian civilization could be regarded as being especially applicable to formerly Superheathen females, the second tier would have more relevance to formerly Christian (Catholic) persons, irrespective of gender, given its intellectual rather than visionary essence. It would, as I say, constitute a kind of Superchristian Purgatory, in which one could dally or from which one could either regress or progress towards the Superchristian extremes. Again, its division is largely gender-based, since the poetic/philosophic extreme division is of a character that would tend to condition either humility or universality, but in a way, relative to the mind, that was rather more 'middle class' than either 'lower class' or 'upper class', as befitting an intellectual middle-ground (never more strictly 'middle class' than in the fictional context) lying in-between visionary and spiritual extremes, a sort of mesamorphic plane in between endomorphic (below) and ectomorphic (above) planes, whose cultural appeal could only be rather more for 'intellectuals' than for 'the sensual' or 'the spiritual'.


4. DRUG CORRELATIONS OF SECOND TIER. However that may be, such an intermediate plane would initially be open to all former Christians, who would subsequently discover whether they were meant to regress down via poetry, remain in Purgatory with fiction, or progress up via philosophy. Probably those whose drug bias was for heroin would feel more at home there than in the visionary or spiritual realms of 'the below' and 'the above', since a correlation indubitably exists, at this computerized level of literature, between fiction and heroin, not to mention poetry and hashish, just as, traditionally, correlations would have existed between book fiction and alcohol, and book poetry and tobacco, which is to say, between 'water' in relation to the intellect and 'fire' in relation to the soul. Now although it would be better for people not to inject or smoke, those who habitually do so would find the second tier of 'Kingdom Come' more to their tastes than either of the other tiers, bearing in mind its purgatorial essence, and could be expected to dally there until such time, if ever, as they were ripe for the 'visionary below' or the 'spiritual above'.


5. INTELLECTUAL EMPHASIS OF SECOND TIER. One could not, in the event of legalizing LSD and cocaine, reasonably discriminate against hashish and heroin, thereby criminalizing their use. For virtually all spectra of human life have to be accounted for ... even when there is a specific bias for one spectrum rather than another, and in 'Kingdom Come', which is a context of grace, it would not be feasible to discriminate against one category of drug user for the sake of another, particularly in view of the fact that each category has its specific cultural niche, whether vis--vis the outer light, the outer spirit or, as in the case of LSD, the inner light. Nevertheless the principal emphasis in the second tier of our Superchristian civilization must be intellectual, with drugs subsidiary to the prevailing element of computerized graphics/texts. In fact, those who were overly given to smoking and/or injecting (not to mention the far greater number of persons coming across from Christian sin whose preferred 'drugs' were tobacco or alcohol, and who would therefore exist in an obsolescent relationship, drug-wise, to VDU literature) would not be encouraged to attend the second-tier Centres at the same time/day as their more puritanical counterparts or, at the very least, would have to contemplate/read in a separate section of the Superchristian Purgatory than those entitled to philosophy, thus precluding the sort of inconvenience to the latter which could arise from having drug users in their midst. Yet no-one need feel pressurized to smoke and/or inject fiery/watery drugs just because they were available or, at any rate, legal, albeit on a strictly non-commercial basis. Quite the contrary, the pressure will rather be on those who do so either to quit using them altogether or, failing that, regress to the use of LSD or cocaine instead, with, in the first instance, the reward of philosophical study and the option, thereafter, of progressing-on up to the spiritual realm, and, in the second instance, the reward of regressing-back down to the visionary realm - the former from VDU philosophy to transcendental meditation, the latter from VDU poetry to hallucinogenic contemplation.


6. 'THREE IN ONE'. Thus one should distinguish between a kind of Father - Son - Holy Ghost (Three-in-One) of the second tier of 'Kingdom Come', as between VDU poetry - fiction - philosophy, or hashish - heroin - puritanical abstinence, this latter alone commensurate with the study of my philosophy, and thus a prerequisite of subsequent progress to the meditative tier above. Conversely, a tobacco-smoking habit would automatically qualify one for admission to the poetry section, whilst an alcohol-drinking habit would just as automatically lead to the fiction section, a combination of smoking and drinking (as of doping and injecting) entitling one to alternate/choose between the two sections, but not permitting one access to the third section. For people should be judged according to their drug habits, with those who smoke being foregone candidates for the poetry section, those who drink being foregone candidates for the fiction section, and those who neither drink nor smoke being qualified for the philosophy section.... This does not mean to say that they would have to read philosophy in preference to poetry or fiction, but, rather, have that option, whereas the rest of formerly Christian humanity would not have the philosophy option until such time as they had learnt to dispense with tobacco and alcohol and/or hashish and heroin, after the fashion of proto-transcendentalists. Actually, those who smoked and/or drank would be advised to gravitate, in 'Kingdom Come', to hashish and/or heroin instead, in order to come into line, as it were, with the VDU-based medium of computer literature, thereby abandoning something more relevant to books and the 'open' commercial societies of the Christian/Heathen past. Though anyone who could give-up smoking or drinking anyway need not feel obliged to dope or inject instead, but would be entitled to gravitate to the philosophy section as a prerequisite of subsequent spiritual progress.