1.   THIRD TIER OF 'KINGDOM COME'.  Just as Superheathen females would be the principal candidates for the subfeminine humility of the first tier of 'Kingdom Come', so Superheathen males would be the principal candidates for the supermasculine universality of its third, and highest, tier, namely that of the Holy Spirit of Heaven, in what would be a context largely, if not exclusively, given to meditation.  However, as in the case of the first tier of our projected triadic Beyond, there would be a primary and a secondary form of the universality to which it aspires, a distinction, in other words, between the properly supermasculine meditation of air-breathing calmness, and what could be called a pseudo-subfeminine context of yoga posturings and/or aerobics, the former reserved for males and the latter for females whose entitlement to the third tier ... would be premised on the basis of a long-term commitment to yogic practices, and who were, in any case, manifestly ectomorphic, or slender, in build, not to say, in a certain related sense, of an upper-class disposition.  Thus just as certain males would be foregone candidates for the subfeminine tier of 'Kingdom Come' by dint of their cocaine habits, so there would be females who, for a variety of reasons, couldn't be regarded in a strictly subfeminine light, but had to be admitted to its third tier ... as a matter of moral necessity.  Yet they would not, as pseudo-subwomen, be permitted to encroach upon the transcendental meditation of their supermasculine counterparts, but would be confined to a separate section of the third-tier Centres ... wherein their more bodily approach to transcendentalism could be conducted at a discreet remove from those for whom any physical work-outs or yogic posturings would be completely irrelevant.  For, in the final analysis, those 'higher' women would not be supermen but still fundamentally women, and no genuinely spiritual organization can afford to gloss over or underestimate the gender divide!  There can be no amoral equalitarianism in 'Kingdom Come'.  For men are of a physical and psychological disposition that can outstrip women in spiritual development, and if they are to progress towards the post-Human Millennium, they will certainly have to turn their back on women and get on with the morally more significant task of spiritual purification.


2.   POSSIBILITY OF MOVEMENT.  The sketch of 'Kingdom Come' outlined above, in all three tiers, should indicate the possibility of movement up and down the scale, so to speak, from one tier to another, since it is my belief that the initial judgements which will tend to consign people to one tier rather than another ... can be reversed, in the course of time, if there is sufficient evidence of a 'change of heart' or, more correctly, of a willingness to undergo a new lifestyle, for better or worse, on the part of those for whom confinement to any given tier could not be indefinitely sustained.  Certainly, it is probable that a majority of those initially assigned to a particular tier ... would be unable or unwilling to move to another one, especially in the case of those for whom the inner light was the only viable option.  Yet there must be an allowance made for exceptional circumstances, even for people who abuse their third-level entitlement to be 'kicked out of Heaven' to some inferior realm of 'Kingdom Come', so that there is both hope and fear, hope of being able to move up from below and fear, if insincere, of having to move down from above.  Now especially in the purgatorial middle tier would there be the possibility of movement either way, depending upon one's entitlement and/or record.  But, by and large, I envisage a situation whereby those in the bottom tier and those, by contrast, in the top one ... remain where they are ... in keeping with their contrary standings in humility and universality, subfemininity and supermasculinity.  The movement either way would mostly come from pseudo-supermen moving up to the second tier in the event of 'kicking' their cocaine habit and, conversely, of pseudo-subwomen moving down to the second tier in the event of not pulling their aerobic weight, or whatever, in regard to the yogic exercises and posturings of their more bodily mode of transcendentalism, with the possibility, in both cases, of further movement up or down ... as and when circumstances permit.  Certainly, the Mary Child and the Holy Spirit of Heaven will remain poles apart while there is a purgatorial intermediate realm of judgemental assessment to ensure that those whose entitlement to the one or the other is upheld for the sake of all that is genuinely good and holy.  The context of the inner light below would not be allowed to encroach upon that of the inner spirit above, nor will subwomen, whatever their status, find any way of transforming themselves into supermen.


3.   VIDEO ALTERNATIVE.  In addition to the 'resurrection of the Dead' to the inner light of LSD/cocaine, the first tier of 'Kingdom Come' would be given to video, so that people could watch videos instead of tripping and/or snorting, and thus gradually gravitate to a context from which subsequent movement ... to the poetry and/or fiction sections of the computer-based second tier ... could be achieved.  Yet such movement would presuppose the rejection of LSD and/or cocaine as a precondition of promotion to the purgatorial realm, as it were, of the Second Coming, and would also involve the rejection, at least in a Centrist context, of videos.


4.   HOLOGRAPHIC STIMULUS.  If the first tier is video-based and the second tier computer-based, then the third tier would have to be holography-based, with all manner of spiritually edifying holograms in situ to assist the devotee, whether pseudo-subfeminine or supermasculine, with her/his meditations.  In fact, it is likely that the higher the plane of meditation, as in the genuinely supermasculine context, the more abstract and fewer in number would the holograms become, until, at the topmost level, they would scarcely figure at all, not even as a vehicle for spiritual sublimation.  The true meditator would be beyond all visionary aids to the union of his self with the universal self in focused breath.  He would be truly saved!