1.   FEAR OF BARBARISM.  Civilization, whether primal or supreme, lives in fear of barbarism, as crime fears punishment.


2.   HOPE OF CULTURE.  Nature, whether primal or supreme, lives in hope of culture, as sin hopes for grace.


3.   BEHIND AND BEYOND.  The barbarism of punishment lies behind the civilization of crime, whereas the culture of grace lies beyond the nature of sin.


4.   FALL AND RISE.  To fall from civilized politics/science to barbarous politics/science, as from (parliamentary) materialism to (fascist) idealism, but to rise from natural politics/science to cultural politics/science, as from (republican) realism to (communist) naturalism.


5.   DAMNATION AND SALVATION.  To be damned from civilized economics/religion to barbarous economics/ religion, as from (sensual) humanism to (emotional) fundamentalism, but to be saved from natural economics/ religion to cultural economics/religion, as from (prayerful) nonconformism to (meditative) transcendentalism.


6.   BEGINNING AND END.  From elemental photon particles to elemental photino wavicles, as from the Clear Light of the Outer Void to the Holy Spirit of Inner Heaven, the alpha-most idealism to the omega-most transcendentalism of science and religion respectively.