1. DEVOLUTIONARY NOT-SELF VIS--VIS EVOLUTIONARY SELF. That which is devolutionary ... is of the not-self because negative, whereas whatever is evolutionary ... is of the self because positive.


2. ELEMENT CRUDITY VIS--VIS ELEMENTINO REFINEMENT. The negative, or alpha-stemming, options are of sensuality in element crudity, whereas the positive, or omega-oriented, options are of sensibility ... in elementino refinement.


3. DIVERGENCE OF SENSE VIS--VIS CONVERGENCE OF SENSIBILITY. Sensuality diverges from a vacuum, whereas sensibility converges upon a plenum, whether objectively (and in rectilinear fashion) or subjectively (and in curvilinear fashion).


4. 'ANTI/PRO' FORMS OF DISCIPLINARY OPTIONS. The negative options of the not-self are the 'anti' forms of each discipline, in contrast to the positive options of the self with regard to what are effectively their 'pro' forms.