1.   THREE SIMULTANEOUS PARADISES.  The centres of 'Kingdom Come' should be conceived in a tower-like curvilinear fashion, with the three tiers designed on a more bulbous, or globular, basis ... from the bottom to the top via the intermediate level of the purgatorial tier.  In fact, these tiers should be thought of in terms of the Beautiful, the Good, and the True, since respectively symptomatic of a 'New Earth' (the synthetic inner light), a 'New Purgatory' (Messianic VDU literature of, by and large, the outer spirit), and a 'New Heaven' (transcendental meditation of, by and large, the inner spirit), such that correlates with the Mary Child, the Second Coming, and the Holy Spirit of Heaven ... as Eternity ascends from the Beautiful to the True via the Good, or from electrinos to photinos via neutrinos, with no place, in consequence, for the Strong, or what, in protinos, could be identified with the Father and even, in a certain relative sense, with Hell itself.  For, in reality, the first tier of 'Kingdom Come' is less a 'New Hell' than a 'New World', a resurrected 'Mother Earth' such that brings the inner light to the ultimate refinement, through synthetic hallucinogens, of the Mary Child, thereby transcending both the Catholic Blessed Virgin and the Anglican Mother.  Therefore there can be no outer-light Hell in 'Kingdom Come' but, rather, three simultaneous paradises stretching from the inner light to the inner spirit via the outer spirit.


2.   EARTH/SPACE TOWERS.  Because each tower complex will house three separate centres, or tiers, and their subsections thereof, we can envisage this curvilinear structure being engineered beyond the Earth to Space itself, so that it would be the form of Space Centres at the most evolved stage of 'Kingdom Come', a form, I mean, in which there were three 'Omega Points' comprising the Beautiful, the Good, and the True, with, by and large, subfeminine, masculine, and supermasculine implications with regard to their respective tiers.  Such 'Omega Points' would, of course, have existed when Earth Towers were the rule and Space Towers, if at all, the exception; for each centre, or tier, would be an Omega Point complete unto itself.


3.   FROM RIGHT MIDBRAIN TO FOREBRAIN.  Ultimately, the evolution of Superchristian humanity towards the post-Human Millennium via a sort of cyborg transition ... in which man is largely though obviously not exclusively 'overcome' ... would mean that three simultaneous levels of post-human life will co-exist in these towering monoliths, since such levels would correspond to the Beautiful, the Good, and the True, or to electrinos, neutrinos, and photinos, with a different cerebral bias, and possibly even structuring, in consequence.... Which is to say that if, following a cyborg transition, the brain is artificially supported and sustained, as germane to what I habitually identify with the properly post-human, then the chances must be fairly high that whatever is being supported and sustained artificially on the first tier of 'Kingdom Come' would differ from its second- and third-tier counterparts.  In other words, it would differ in terms of exactly what was being artificially supported and sustained.  Hence while the emotional backbrain would be unlikely to survive into a mature phase of 'Kingdom Come' by dint of its association with the Father and thus, by implication, the extreme right-wing barbarism of the hellish outer light, the emphasis in the first-tier centres of the millennial Beyond would be on the sensual right midbrain, the emphasis in the second-tier centres  ... on the intellectual left midbrain, and the emphasis in the third-tier centres ... on the spiritual forebrain, thus suggesting the possibility, indeed virtual certainty, of three simultaneous manifestations of post-human life ... ranging from right-midbrain collectivizations given to the furthest stretch of humanist civilization at the right-wing bottom of any given tower complex, to forebrain collectivizations given to the furthest stretch of transcendentalist culture at the extreme left-wing top thereof, via left-midbrain collectivizations given to the furthest stretch of nonconformist nature at the intermediate tier-level of what would be a specifically purgatorial and thus religiously left-wing centre.  Hence one may speculate that the removal or, at the very least, neutralization of, firstly, the backbrain from cyborg/post-human life would elevate the ensuing life forms from a superhuman plane to the planes, respectively, of superbeings, suprabeings, and ultrabeings, these latter alone commensurate with what is properly germane to Heaven, since manifesting a religiously extreme left-wing context of truth striving towards joy, or meditative power leading to transcendent glory.


4.   BEING THEIR RESPECTIVE SELVES.  Thus, ultimately, 'Kingdom Come' should have civilized superbeings, natural suprabeings, and cultural ultrabeings simultaneously being their respective selves ... in beauty, goodness, and truth, the first through LSD, or some such synthetic hallucinogen that will take the inner light of the World into Space, the second through heroin, or some derivative thereof that will take the outer spirit of Purgatory into Space, and the third through transcendental meditation, or calm focused breathing that will take the inner spirit of Heaven into Space.