1. ALPHA/OMEGA ANTITHESES. The antispirit of primal doing vis--vis the spirit of supreme being; the antisoul of primal being vis--vis the soul of supreme doing; the antimind of primal giving vis--vis the mind of supreme taking; the anti-id of primal taking vis--vis the id of supreme giving.


2. NEGATIVE AND POSITIVE DEITIES. Just as the omega-oriented contexts (electrinos) can be identified with positive deities, so the alpha-stemming contexts (elements) should be identified with negative deities, viz. the Antispirit, the Antifather, the Antichrist, the Antimother, etc.


3. DEFINITION OF A FREE SELF. The term 'free spirit' really only applies to the omega-more and/or omega-most photino contexts, namely those with a wavicle essence (whether molecular or elemental, economic or religious), since positive spirit has to do with the photino, not with the protino, neutrino, or electrino. A more appropriate terminological description for someone into the omega-more and/or omega-most protino contexts, by contrast, would be a free soul, whereas his neutrino and electrino counterparts could be described as free minds and free ids respectively.


4. DEFINITION OF A FREE ANTISELF. Conversely, the person who is into the alpha-less and/or alpha-least contexts of the photon, i.e. either its molecular or elemental wavicle aspects, could be described as a free antispirit, whereas someone who was into the alpha-less and/or alpha-least contexts of the proton would be a free antisoul, his neutron and electron counterparts being free antiminds and free anti-ids respectively.


5. BOUND ANTISELVES/SELVES. That which is not 'free', or affiliated to wavicle fineness, is bound to particle crudity, whether with regard to the elements or the elementinos. It is a reflection of Time/Mass 'damnation' with regard to science and politics, as opposed to Volume/Space 'salvation' with regard to economics and religion. The 'bound' person, like the bound element/elementino, remains enslaved to particle appearances. He has not, like the 'free' person, been liberated by wavicle essences. Though that person is only truly liberated whose essence is positive, and whose positivity, moreover, appertains to the photino at its omega-most elemental best.