1. PHYSICAL/CHEMICAL DISTINCTIONS. To distinguish between the physical in relation to the phenomenal and the chemical in relation to the noumenal, further distinguishing between the metaphysical in relation to the physical and the metachemical in relation to the chemical. Hence whereas the physical/metaphysical options have reference to the phenomenal, the chemical/metachemical options have reference to the noumenal.



2. CHEMICAL VIS--VIS PHYSICAL. Both light and fire are chemical, as are air and blood, whereas both ice and soil (water and earth) are physical, as are the brain and the womb.


3. NEGATIVE/POSITIVE METACHEMISTRY. To distinguish the negative metachemistry of the antispirit and the antisoul from the positive metachemistry of the spirit and the soul, thereby distinguishing the metachemical divergence of negative spirit/soul with regard to a chemical vacuum from the metachemical convergence of positive spirit/soul upon a chemical plenum.


4. NEGATIVE/POSITIVE METAPHYSICS. To distinguish the negative metaphysics of the antimind and the anti-id from the positive metaphysics of the mind and the id, thereby distinguishing the metaphysical divergence of negative mind/id with regard to a physical vacuum from the metaphysical convergence of positive mind/id upon a physical plenum.