1.   METACHEMICAL CONTRAST BETWEEN IDEALIST BARBARISM AND TRANSCENDENTALIST CULTURE.  To contrast the metachemical barbarism of primal doing with the metachemical culture of supreme being, as one would contrast idealism with transcendentalism in a noumenally right-wing/left-wing distinction.


2.   METACHEMICAL CONTRAST BETWEEN NATURALIST CULTURE AND FUNDAMENTALIST BARBARISM.  To contrast the metachemical culture of primal being with the metachemical barbarism of supreme doing, as one would contrast naturalism with fundamentalism in a noumenally left-wing/right-wing distinction.


3.   METAPHYSICAL CONTRAST BETWEEN MATERIALIST CIVILIZATION AND NONCONFORMIST NATURE.  To contrast the metaphysical civilization of primal giving with the metaphysical nature of supreme taking, as one would contrast materialism with nonconformism in a phenomenally right-wing/left-wing distinction.


4.   METAPHYSICAL CONTRAST BETWEEN REALIST NATURE AND HUMANIST CIVILIZATION.  To contrast the metaphysical nature of primal taking with the metaphysical civilization of supreme giving, as one would contrast realism with humanism in a phenomenally left-wing/right-wing distinction.