1.   NEGATIVE DAMNATION/SALVATION OF ELEMENTS.  To be negatively damned from materialism to idealism, as from neutrons to photons, ice to light, but negatively saved from realism to naturalism, as from electrons to protons, soil to fire.


2.   POSITIVE DAMNATION/SALVATION OF ELEMENTINOS.  To be positively damned from humanism to fundamentalism, as from electrinos to protinos, id to soul, but positively saved from nonconformism to transcendentalism, as from neutrinos to photinos, mind to spirit.


3.   PREDESTINATION.  One can no more save ice (water) than damn soil (earth); no more save the id than damn the mind.


4.   DAMNABLE FATALITY OF PHENOMENAL OBJECTIVITY.  That which is phenomenally objective is always exposed to the possibility of becoming noumenally objective, thereby passing from the physical to the chemical.


5.   SALVATIONAL FATALITY OF PHENOMENAL SUBJECTIVITY.  That which is phenomenally subjective is always exposed to the possibility of becoming noumenally subjective, thereby passing from physical to chemical.


6.   CONTRARY FATES OF PHENOMENAL OBJECTIVITY/SUBJECTIVITY.  The noumenal/chemical transmutation and/or eclipse of the phenomenal/physical is a damnation when objective but a salvation when subjective, whether negatively or positively.


7.   PARADOXICAL FATES.  Thus the 'reborn' are just as prone, if objective, to damnation ... as the 'once born' prone, if subjective, to salvation, albeit in contrary directions.