1.   FOUR DIFFERENT MODES OF CHRISTIANITY.  Because Catholicism is the true mode of Christianity, or that which encourages respect for the truth of the Holy Ghost via the quasi-truthful understanding, or inner prayer, of the Christ Child, it cannot be the beautiful or the good or the strong mode of Christianity.  On the contrary, the 'beautiful' mode of Christianity, rooted in the aesthetics of the Mother, is Anglicanism, whereas its 'good' mode, centred in the epistolary understanding of New-Testament ethics, is Puritanism, and its 'strong' mode, rooted in the poetic emotion of Old-Testament ethnicity, is Presbyterianism, or Dissenter Nonconformism.  In fact, so much does each of these denominational subdivisions of the overall Christian Church correspond to a separate ideal, or virtue, that it is inconceivable they could be confounded or treated as equal.  Catholicism is as much true Christianity per se as Anglicanism is beautiful Christianity per se, Puritanism ... good Christianity per se and Presbyterianism ... strong Christianity per se.   Yet only Catholicism is strictly Christian, since the Beautiful, the Good, and the Strong are less Christian than Heathen virtues which correspond to the Mother, the Son, and the Father ... as opposed to the Holy Ghost achieved via the quasi-true 'bovaryization' of the intellect through prayer, that attribute of the Christ Child Who, being what Christ Himself said one would have to become in order to enter the 'Kingdom of Heaven', is a precondition of spiritual peace.  The other deities, on the contrary, correspond to speaking, writing, and reading, or that which is quasi-sensual, strictly intellectual, and quasi-emotional respectively.  Hence they typify the Protestant alternative, and opposition, to properly Christian, and Catholic, criteria.


2.   TIMELESS ETERNITY.  Nevertheless 'Kingdom Come', as taught by he who corresponds to a Second Coming, the Messianic prophet of the triadic Beyond, is not just a matter of Heaven, and thus the truth, as a vehicle for achieving it.  If I used to think that way, then these days I am a lot more 'liberal' and, I hope, wiser in my attitude as to what constitutes the Beyond.  The student of my work will know, if he has progressed thus far, that the Beyond is subdivisible between three verities, arranged in separate tiers - namely, the Beautiful, the Good, and the True, the first corresponding to a 'New Earth', the second to a 'New Purgatory', and the third to a 'New Heaven', this latter presided over by the Holy Spirit of Heaven, while the former two options are presided over by the Mary Child (or refined Virgin/Mother of synthetic resurrection) and the Second Coming respectively.  Hence while there is room in the Beyond for the salvation of those whose Christian affiliation, as church-goers, is either to the Beautiful, the Good, or to the True, namely to Anglicans, Puritans, and Catholics, there can be no place in it for those whose Christian affiliation is to the Strong, or all who, as Dissenters, are effectively fundamentalist, their allegiance being primarily, though not of course exclusively, to the Father as opposed to the Mother, the Son, or the Holy Ghost.  What you can't have in 'Kingdom Come' is a 'New Hell' of Father Time, and therefore it must follow that unless fundamentalist Dissenters convert, in due course, to one of the denominations which do, in fact, primarily correspond to the Beautiful, the Good, or the True, the Second Coming will have no option but to have them banished from his 'Kingdom', the 'Kingdom of the triadic Beyond' which a majority mandate from the People would permit the establishment of ... with regard to a democratically-expressed wish, on their part, for religious sovereignty and the 'rights', appertaining to self-realization at any of our three projected millennial levels, which such a sovereignty would confer.  Thus Dissenters will have to face the truth about themselves and come to a decision in due course.  Only Mass, Volume, and Space can have any place in 'Kingdom Come', since it will signal the end of Time, and hence the dominion of all that is effectively, if not literally, hellish.


3.   CASE FOR BRITAIN.  For the British, the case from the Messianic standpoint is perfectly clear: the 'beautiful Church' of Anglicanism cannot be saved to the Beyond whilst it has a monarchic figurehead, since the 'Blood Royal' connotes with strength, the strength of emotional fundamentalism, and while the Beautiful is subject to the Strong, like the Mother to the Father, it is not in a position to be saved, since effectively under the dominion of Hell.  Thus if there is to be a 'New Earth' for the 'beautiful Church' of Anglicanism, rooted in the mundane World, Anglicans will have to support the democratic development, within Britain, of both devolution and disestablishment ... in order that the British 'superstate', rooted in monarchic strength, may be superseded by English, Scottish, and Welsh freedom from the dominion of Hell, with its fundamentalist 'greatness', and these countries, no longer a part of the United Kingdom (effectively a 'Kingdom of Hell'), be rendered eligible for subsequent admittance, following a democratic mandate, to the 'Kingdom of Heaven', the Social Theocratic Centres of what will hopefully, one day, become a federation of religiously-sovereign peoples.


4.   PASSING DIRECTLY AND/OR INDIRECTLY INTO THE BEYOND.  Thus those whose affiliation, irrespective of country, is to the Beautiful, the Good, or the True can pass democratically into the Beyond, wherein they will be transmuted and elevated to manifestations of their respective virtues corresponding to the Mary Child, the Second Coming, and the Holy Spirit of Heaven, if not directly for Anglicans and Catholics then, at any rate, indirectly, following a period in the 'New Purgatory' of the Second Coming ... until such time as they may decide and/or are adjudged fit for either the 'New Earth' below or the 'New Heaven' above or, indeed, decide and/or are adjudged fit to remain in the 'New Purgatory' for ever (as, presumably, would especially apply to ex-Puritans ... with their overly intellectual bias).  Certainly, it has been a logically-underpinned belief of mine that Christians cannot be saved directly to the 'New Earth' or the 'New Heaven', since logic would suggest that only Superheathens, including non-practising so-called Christians, are in a position to gravitate straight from personality/emotionality to humility/universality, as the (largely gender-based) case may be, while practising Christians, given traditionally to sexual chastity and prayerful spirituality, will have to spend some time in the 'New Purgatory' as a precondition of subsequent movement.  Yet, even if this still applies (though the final decision as to who goes where should rest, circumstances allowing, with the religiously-sovereign individual himself), those who had been Anglican should have priority access to the beauty of its transmuted poetry; while those who had been Puritan should have priority access to the goodness of its transmuted fiction; and those who had been Catholic should have priority access to the truth of its transmuted philosophy.  Now such will continue to be the most likely scenario until the case for 'earthly beauty' with regard to ex-Anglicans or 'heavenly truth' with regard to ex-Catholics is firmly established, and they move down or up, as the case may be.  Doubtless those ex-Christians with LSD and/or cocaine habits would be eligible, sooner than later, for the 'New Earth', whatever their denominational background, while those who could prove a long-term commitment to aerobics and/or transcendental meditation would presently, if not directly, pass into the 'New Heaven' of the third tier of 'Kingdom Come'.


5.   CLASS AND CLASSLESS.  With regard to the three tiers of 'Kingdom Come', the first would effectively be a lower-class tier, the second a middle-class tier, and the third ... a classless tier.  What one would not have is an upper-class tier, since that which is 'upper class' connotes with the Father, whose Time can have no place in the Eternity of the Beyond.  Hence while the 'New Earth' would be lower class in its visionary beauty, the 'New Purgatory' would be middle class in its intellectual goodness, and the 'New Heaven' alone classless in its spiritual truth, the truth of the Holy Spirit of Heaven as proclaimed by he who corresponds to a Second Coming and will complete, if allowed to, what the 'First Coming' started - namely the freeing of mankind from the dominion of the Father and their release, in consequence, from the bondage of Time.  Only thus will there be Eternal Life in the triadic Beyond.