1.   WHISTLES AND PIPES.  To contrast the idealism, comparatively speaking, of tin whistles with the transcendentalism of pipes, e.g. uilleann pipes - the former affiliated, in their shrill pitch, to the light/eyes ... and the latter, in the lung-like nature of their pouches, to the spirit, an objective/subjective distinction between photons and photinos, the Devil and God.


2.   BRASS AND WIND.  To contrast the naturalism of brass with the fundamentalism of wind, e.g. flutes - the former affiliated, in their metallic brightness and convex apertures, to the fire/ears ... and the latter, in their vein-like narrow constructions, to the soul - a subjective/objective distinction between protons and protinos, beast and warrior.


3.   KEYBOARDS AND ACCORDIONS.  To contrast the materialism of keyboards, e.g. pianos, with the nonconformism of accordions - the former affiliated, in their tinkering keys, to the ice/tongue ... and the latter, in their cerebral compactness, to the mind, an objective/subjective distinction between neutrons and neutrinos, crook and saint.


4.   GUITARS AND STRINGS.  To contrast the realism of plucked stringed instruments, e.g. guitars, with the humanism of bowed stringed instruments, e.g. violins - the former affiliated, in their bodily openness, to the soil/flesh ... and the latter, in their womb-like interiority, to the id, a subjective/objective distinction between electrons and electrinos, sinner and angel.


5.   CORRELATION BETWEEN SCORES AND INSTRUMENT TYPE.  Generally speaking, objective instruments tend to be played in conjunction with a score, whereas subjective instruments are normally played independently of scores.


6.   NEGATIVE DAMNATION OF PIANOS.  Just as materialism can be negatively damned to idealism, so pianos can be negatively damned to tin whistles, and electric pianos likewise negatively damned to whistle-like synthesizers.


7.   NEGATIVE DAMNATION OF BOOKS.  A literary parallel to the above ... would be the contemporary negative damnation of paperbacks to photographic plates, whereas, traditionally, one would have to consider the inclusion of drawings and/or illustrations in hardbacks as significant of a negative damnation.


8.   PARLIAMENTARY MATERIALISM IN BRITAIN.  Parliamentary materialism in Britain resembles a choice between three different types of piano - the stiff-upperlip uprights of Conservatism, the tongue-loose grand pianos of Liberalism, and the tongue-loose baby grands of Labour.... None of which can lead to salvation, not even negatively.


9.   SUMMING-UP.  The idealism of the Devil contrasts with the transcendentalism of God ... as the naturalism of the beast contrasts with the fundamentalism of the warrior, the materialism of the crook with the nonconformism of the saint, and the realism of the sinner with the humanism of the angel.