1.   RELIGION FOR 'PRICKS'.  I suppose, if I am to be completely fair to Christians, I should start by making the admission that, given its purgatorial foundations in Christ, Christianity is, if you will, a religion for 'pricks', and that, strictly speaking, Catholics are less 'bums' than 'quasi-bums' in relation to the Holy Ghost; that Dissenters are less 'jerks' than 'quasi-jerks' in relation to the Father; and that Anglicans are less 'cunts' than 'quasi-cunts' in relation to the Mother.  Only Puritans could be regarded, it would seem, as 'pricks' per se, given their strictly purgatorial association, through the New Testament, with the Son, and hence an intellectual context based in writing (epistles).  No, the real or genuine 'bums', 'jerks' and 'cunts' lie, it would appear, outside the Christian realm ... in contexts either anterior or, in regard to 'Kingdom Come', posterior to Christianity.


2.   CHRISTIAN PREDESTINATION.  On a more serious note, it should be evident that, despite allowances for exceptions, one's denominational background with regard to Anglicanism, Puritanism, or Catholicism should determine, in no small degree, one's rightful place in 'Kingdom Come', since it would be as illogical for Anglicans, say, with their bias towards the Beautiful, to have immediate access to the realm of truth, as for Catholics, with their bias for the truth of the Holy Spirit, to be adjudged foregone candidates for beauty in what would be the 'New Earth' of the bottom tier of our projected triadic Beyond.  Yet since all Christians, with the possible exception of Dissenters, are essentially affiliated to the Good, to intellectual goodness through the word of Christ, it should follow that no Christian can gain immediate access to either the 'New Earth' below or the 'New Heaven' above, but that all Christians will have to spend some time in the 'New Purgatory' of the second tier of 'Kingdom Come' before they can be adjudged ripe, where applicable, for either the first or the third tiers, the tiers more immediately accessible to peoples of non-Christian, and therefore effectively Superheathen, descent, whose extreme standings in relation to the Christian tradition would entitle them to priority access.  Christians, in short, would be foregone candidates for the poetic quasi-beauty, the literary goodness, and the philosophical quasi-truth of the 'New Purgatory', with Anglicans gaining priority access to the first, Puritans priority access to the second, and Catholics priority access to the third.  Subsequent movement, where appropriate, would follow from this purgatorial precondition, and entail the integration of ex-Christians into the non-Christian realms of the 'New Earth' below and the 'New Heaven' above, both of which would have been more immediately accessible to peoples of non-Christian descent.


3.   VARIABLE THREEFOLD DELIVERANCE.  Of course, the above scenario was conceived against the multiracial, and hence multi-ethnic, background of contemporary Britain, and hopefully it does some justice to the variety of ethnic allegiances that would have to be accommodated in my hypothetical Beyond.  It does not necessarily follow, however, that this would be the best course for all countries, some of which might warrant a shorter stay for Anglicans and Catholics in the 'New Purgatory' than others, some of which would not have all that many people in the purgatorial tier anyway, whether because a majority of their citizens were foregone candidates for the 'New Earth' or, alternatively, the 'New Heaven'.  Whatever the case, it should be evident that all three tiers are crucial to the establishment of 'Kingdom Come', and that no country should be excluded or exclude itself from the benefits of having the Beautiful, the Good, and the True delivered from the diabolical clutches of the Strong, in order that Time may be transcended, threefold, by the Eternity of that which is beyond the Father, etc., in the blessed salvation of the 'New Virgin' (the Mary Child), the 'New Christ' (the Second Coming), and the 'New Spirit' (the Holy Spirit of Heaven).