1.   ENSLAVEMENT OF BEAUTY AND GOODNESS TO STRENGTH.  So long as the Beautiful and the Good allow themselves to be seduced and dominated by the Strong, they will continue to remain enslaved to the Devil and be in no position, as woman and man, to go forward with God into 'Kingdom Come'.  So long, in other words, as Anglicans and Puritans in, for example, Northern Ireland remain enslaved to the anti-Catholic stance of hard-line Presbyterians, drawn to the Strong, or quasi-Strong, like filings to a magnet, they will be unable to join with Catholics in the march of the Beautiful, the Good, and the True towards the triadic Beyond.


2.   OPPOSITIONAL INEVITABILITY OF THE STRONG.  Only the Strong, or quasi-Strong, have anything to lose from truth, since strength and truth are incommensurate, as incommensurate, in fact, as the Devil and God, the Father and the Holy Spirit, and no-one who is overly into strength can reasonably seek an accommodation with truth.  Hence the opposition of Northern-Ireland Protestants, though principally, I would guess, Dissenters, to unity with the Catholic South can be regarded as, in no small degree, a reflection of the incommensurability of strength and truth, since it is the Catholic Church which stands closest of all Christian denominations to truth, and thus to that which is an implicit, if not explicit, rejection of strength.  The Strong have most to lose from an accommodation with truth, even the relative truth of Catholicism, and therefore it is inevitable that they should be in the vanguard of opposition to a united Ireland, exploiting the ruse of 'Protestant solidarity' to draw Anglicans and Puritans away from any move towards an accommodation with Catholics in an all-Ireland framework.


3.   LAST JUDGEMENT.  This much, however, is certain: until Anglicans and Puritans turn away from the reactionary control of Dissenters and opt to join with Catholics in the democratic march towards freedom, there can be no salvation of the Beautiful, the Good, and the True (relative to Christianity) in the triadic Beyond, and thus no Social Transcendentalist Centre in which religious sovereignty would be the presiding norm.  Anglicans and Puritans have more to lose from remaining loyal to the Strong than from joining with the True in the struggle to defeat and transcend evil.  Only after the Mother and the Son democratically turn away from the Father, in order to join with the Holy Spirit in the march towards salvation, will 'Kingdom Come' become a reality, and the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland be consigned to the rubbish heap of world history.  Only when the Beautiful, the Good, and the True join together in moral solidarity against the tyrannous influence of the Strong ... will there be an end to the dominion of Time and a fresh start for Mass, Volume, and Space in the Eternity of the triadic Beyond.  To be free from Father Time is to be saved to the New Mass, New Volume, and New Space of 'Kingdom Come' in the ultimate beauty, goodness, and truth of Eternal Life.  Only when the Devil's Kingdom dies, democratically and peacefully, will God's Kingdom officially come to pass.