1.   ALPHA/OMEGA COROLLARIES.  From the science of war to the religion of peace via the politics of sex and the economics of sport.  Or, conversely, from the war of science to the peace of religion via the sex of politics and the sport of economics.  A distinction between elements and elementinos?


2.   MODES OF SALUTING.  Although saluting is normally political, we may distinguish between eight basic modes thereof, four of which are alpha and the other four omega.  Now since that which is right wing is objective and that which is left wing comparatively subjective, we may distinguish objective saluting from its subjective counterpart on the basis of an extended-hand/clenched-fist dichotomy, with the former right wing and the latter left.  Hence to distinguish, in an ascending order of spectra, between the realism of clenched-fist-to-breast and the humanism of extended-hand-to-breast saluting; between the materialism of extended-hand-to-temple and the nonconformism of clenched-fist-to-brow saluting; between the naturalism of clenched-fist-on-bent-arm and the fundamentalism of extended-hand-on-bent-arm saluting; and between the idealism of extended-hand-on-raised-arm and the transcendentalism of clenched-fist-on-raised-arm saluting.


3.   POLITICAL STATUS OF DIFFERENT MODES OF SALUTING.  To distinguish, politically, between the negative left-wing status of clenched-fist-to-breast saluting, and the positive right-wing status of extended-hand-to-breast saluting; between the negative right-wing status of extended-hand-to-temple saluting, and the positive left-wing status of clenched-fist-to-brow saluting; between the negative extreme left-wing status of clenched-fist-on-bent-arm saluting, and the positive extreme right-wing status of extended-hand-on-bent-arm saluting; and between the negative extreme right-wing status of extended-hand-on-raised-arm saluting, and the positive extreme left-wing status of clenched-fist-on-raised-arm saluting.


4.   SALVATION/DAMNATION OF PHENOMENAL MODES OF SALUTING.  To contrast the negative salvation, as from republicanism to communism, of clenched-fist-to-breast in clenched-fist-on-bent-arm saluting ... with the negative damnation, as from liberalism to fascism, of extended-hand-to-temple in extended-hand-on-raised-arm saluting.  Conversely, to contrast the positive salvation, as from nonconformism to transcendentalism, of clenched-fist-to-brow in clenched-fist-on-raised-arm saluting ... with the positive damnation, as from humanism to fundamentalism, of extended-hand-to-chest in extended-hand-on-bent-arm saluting.


5.   EFFECTIVELY SALUTES.  Even the clenched-fist-to-brow posture of 'The Thinker' (Rodin) is a mode, if unconscious, of saluting, as is the extended-hand-to-breast posture of the Anglican and/or Catholic humanist.