1.   DOMINION OF BARBAROUS STRENGTH.  So long as the civilized Beautiful and the natural Good remain under the dominion of the barbarous Strong, the cultural True will remain 'beyond the pale' ... of that which is acceptable to that dominion.  Only when they democratically opt to join with the cultural True in 'Kingdom Come' ... will the civilized Beautiful and the natural Good be able to break free of the barbarous Strong, and thus be saved to the triadic Beyond.


2.   ERROR OF REPUBLICANISM.  The above contention has nothing whatsoever to do with republicanism, which, in Ireland, seeks an accommodation between the barbarous Strong and the cultural True, viz. Orange and Green, Presbyterian and Catholic, with Anglicans and Puritans in the middle.  Such an accommodation, culminating in a united Ireland, is the last thing that the barbarous Strong would want, since any accommodation with cultural truth can only be at their expense, the Devil and God not seeing 'eye to eye' or being able to coexist on an amicable basis.


3.   ATONEMENT FOR HISTORICAL WRONGS.  A Britain in which the majority of people, being Anglican and/or Puritan, want salvation from the evil of barbarous strength ... will join with Catholics in voting for devolution and disestablishment (of the Anglican Church), so that the triadic Beyond can become a reality.  Such a Britain, fully apprised of the advantages thereof, will do what is necessary to bring 'Kingdom Come' to pass, turning against those who would oppose the will of God (the Second Coming) in the interests of barbarous strength, in order that the civilized Beautiful, the natural Good, and the cultural True may go forward together into Eternity, where the Time of the Father and the Father of Time would have no place.  Such a Britain will join with Ireland in the development of a federation of Social Theocratic/Transcendentalist Centres, wherein popular religious sovereignty will be the prevailing norm.  Such a Britain will carry out the Last Judgement and damn to the Hell of eternal exile those strength-mongering barbarians who stand in the way of God.  It will do this as an atonement for historical wrongs inflicted upon Ireland, and then, with atonement accomplished, it will join Ireland in the establishment of 'Kingdom Come'.


4.   FROM THREAT TO PARTNERSHIP.  There is no other way that peace and progress can come to these islands, effectively an archipelago, than through British devolution and disestablishment.  Great Britain will always remain a threat to and actual persecutor of Ireland and, by implication, the Catholic Irish ... so long as the superstate barbarism of that which is rooted in strength continues to exist.  Only the British, it seems to me, can rectify this situation and become not a threat but a partner of Ireland ... as free Englishmen, Scotsmen, and Welshmen step forth from the barbarism of Great Britain ... to democratically proclaim their desire for salvation from the evil under which they have existed, as British subjects, since the foundation of, first, Great Britain and, then, the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland and, subsequent to partition, Northern Ireland.