1. ELEMENTINOS OF THE TRIADIC BEYOND. Since the recent series of revisionary exercises, we can now maintain, without reservation, that the three tiers of our projected 'Kingdom Come' in the triadic Beyond, viz. the 'New Earth', the 'New Purgatory', and the 'New Heaven', will be contexts in which the neutrino, the electrino, and the protino are taken to their respective peaks ... in the ultimate beauty of the 'Mary Child', the ultimate goodness (knowledge) of the Second Coming, and the ultimate truth of the Holy Spirit of Heaven. There will be no place, however, for the photino, and thus for anything associated with the Father/Allah in what is patently a diabolically barbarous context of fundamentalist strength. Likewise, all elements will be officially 'beneath the pale' of that which, in elementino refinement, properly pertains to the institutional embodiments of Eternal Life.


2. FROM FIRST- TO FOURTH-RATE. Curiously, I made no mention, before, of the fact that, in relation to Christianity, Catholics are first-rate Christians, since affiliated, through the Christ Child, to the possibility of truth in the Holy Spirit, whereas Puritans are second-rate Christians in their affiliation, through the Son, to knowledge, Anglicans third-rate Christians in their affiliation, through the Mother, to beauty, and Dissenters fourth-rate Christians in their affiliation, through the Father, to strength. Yet it is the fourth-rate who, as in Northern Ireland, so often hold dominion over the second- and third-rate, from fear, no doubt, that the first-rate should wrest control from them and replace the hegemony of strength with the hegemony of truth, and all, needless to say, at Great bloody Britain's barbarous expense!


3. THE GOOD AND THE BEAUTIFUL. In England, however, it tends to be the second- and third-rate who effectively rule the roost, largely at the expense of both the fourth- and first-rate. But, then, England is more middle-of-the-road than Northern Ireland or even Scotland, which tend, by contrast, to reflect the in-some-ways unfortunate Celtic tendency to divide, almost manic depressively, into barbarous and cultural extremes, as religiously manifested in the radical distinction between Presbyterian fundamentalism and Catholic transcendentalism. Certainly Britain is by and large governed, through the English, by the second-rate, with the third-rate forming the main opposition, whether in terms of Anglicanism vis--vis Puritanism or, more pointedly in this context, the Labour Party vis--vis the Conservatives. Yet this is arguably preferable to the nineteenth-century tussle between the Good and the Great, Conservatism and Liberalism, which tended to exclude the working class from democracy ... as the second- and fourth-rate fought it out among themselves in the interests, primarily, of middle- and upper-class values.


4. RATINGS OF PROFESSIONS. Generally speaking, politics is a third-rate profession, economics a second-rate profession, religion a first-rate profession, and science indubitably a fourth-rate profession. Thus science is either the alpha-most, relative to elements, or the omega-least, relative to elementinos, with a sort of upper-class standing that is as far removed from the classlessness of religion ... as war from peace, or the Devil from God.


5. RATINGS OF ELEMENTS. Metachemically and/or metaphysically speaking, the proton is a first-rate element, the electron a second-rate element, the neutron a third-rate element, and the photon a fourth-rate element. The proton corresponds to primal being, the electron to primal taking, the neutron to primal giving, and the photon to primal doing. Negative culture, nature, civilization, and barbarism, with the pseudo-salvation of electrons to protons, negative nature to negative culture, on the one hand, but the pseudo-damnation of neutrons to photons, negative civilization to negative barbarism, on the other hand.


6. RATINGS OF ELEMENTINOS. Likewise, the protino is a first-rate elementino, the electrino a second-rate elementino, the neutrino a third-rate elementino, and the photino a fourth-rate elementino. The protino corresponds to supreme being, the electrino to supreme taking, the neutrino to supreme giving, and the photino to supreme doing. Positive culture, nature, civilization, and barbarism, with the salvation of electrinos to protinos, positive nature to positive culture on the one hand, but the damnation of neutrinos to photinos, positive civilization to positive barbarism, on the other hand.


7. BODILY DESCENT. To descend, in zigzagging fashion, from the superfemininity of the eyes to the positive femininity of the womb via the subfemininity of the heart and the negative femininity of the tongue, as from idealism to humanism via fundamentalism and materialism.


8. BODILY ASCENT. To ascend, in zigzagging fashion, from the negative masculinity of the flesh (penis) to the supermasculinity of the lungs via the positive masculinity of the brain and the submasculinity of the ears, as from realism to transcendentalism via nonconformism and naturalism.