1.   FROM HARDBACKS TO SOFTBACKS.  To fall, relevant to civilization, from hardbacks to softbacks, as from neutrons to neutrinos, ignorance to beauty, the Antimother to the Mother.


2.   FROM LONG PLAYERS (LPs) TO COMPACT DISCS (CDs).  To rise, relevant to nature, from long players to compact discs, as from electrons to electrinos, ugliness to knowledge, the Antichrist to Christ.


3.   FROM CINEMA TO VIDEO.  To fall, relevant to barbarism, from cinema to video, as from photons to photinos, illusion to strength, the Anti-allah to Allah.


4.   FROM TAPE RECORDERS TO CASSETTES.  To rise, relevant to culture, from tape recorders to cassettes, as from protons to protinos, weakness to truth, the Antispirit to the Holy Spirit.


5.   FROM LONG PLAYERS TO TAPE RECORDERS.  To be negatively saved from long players (LPs) to tape recorders, as from earth to fire, the flesh to the ears.


6.   FROM HARDBACKS TO CINEMA.  To be negatively damned from hardbacks to cinema, as from ice to light, the tongue (taste) to the eyes.


7.   FROM COMPACT DISCS TO CASSETTES.  To be positively saved from compact discs to cassettes, as from intellect to spirit, the brain to the lungs.


8.   FROM SOFTBACKS TO VIDEOS.  To be positively damned from softbacks to videos, as from instinct to soul, the womb to the heart.


9.   FROM PHYSICAL GOOD TO CHEMICAL BETTER.  Salvation, whether negative or positive, is always from phenomenal subjectivity to noumenal subjectivity, from physical good to chemical better.


10.  FROM PHYSICAL BAD TO CHEMICAL WORSE.  Damnation, whether negative or positive, is always from phenomenal objectivity to noumenal objectivity, from physical bad to chemical worse.


11.  CULTURAL GENDER DISTINCTIONS.  Books and films are, by and large, feminine entities, whereas records and tapes are comparatively masculine.


12.  COLLOQUIAL DISTINCTIONS.  To distinguish, colloquially speaking, the 'cunts' and 'jerks' of books and films from the 'pricks' and 'bums' of records and tapes, whether negatively with regard to the elements or positively with regard to the elementinos, the former largely 'outer' and the latter 'inner', a distinction, in short, between the 'once born' and the 'reborn'.


13.  CULTURAL PARALLELS TO TRIADIC BEYOND.  Perhaps the triadic Beyond, in appealing to the Beautiful, the Good, and the True, would have to exclude videos from its virtuous eternities, bearing in mind their blood-like correlation with the Strong, and thus give pride of place to softbacks, compact discs, and cassettes - the first and second affiliated to the Beautiful and the Good respectively, while the third alone has reference to the True, as we ascend from civilization and nature to culture, which is to say, from the Mother of 'Kingdom Come', viz. the Mary Child, and the Son of 'Kingdom Come', viz. the Second Coming, to the Holy Ghost of 'Kingdom Come', viz. the Holy Spirit of Heaven, with appropriate refinements upon softbacks, compact discs, and cassettes in each case.


14.  CONFOUNDING FACT WITH TRUTH.  One of the stupidest mistakes people make is to confound fact with truth, estimating that which is merely factual to be true.  Small wonder that there is little room for truth in their lives, when they identify fact with it and thus detract from the altogether separate status and meaning of the latter!