1. NEGATIVE AND POSITIVE DEVILS. To contrast the Antidevil of primal doing with the Devil of supreme doing, the Clear Light of the Void (Space) with the Holy Soul of Hell.


2. NEGATIVE AND POSITIVE GODS. To contrast the Antigod of primal being with the God of supreme being, the Clear Fire of Time with the Holy Spirit of Heaven.


3. NEGATIVE AND POSITIVE WOMEN. To contrast the antiwoman of primal giving with the woman of supreme giving, the Clear Ice of Volume with the Holy Id of the World.


4. NEGATIVE AND POSITIVE MEN. To contrast the antiman of primal taking with the man of supreme taking, the Clear Soil of Mass with the Holy Mind of Purgatory.


5. CHRISTIAN GENDER CONTRASTS. To contrast the Father with the Holy Spirit on the basis of a lesser submasculine/supermasculine dichotomy having a masculine cynosure in the Son.


6. TRINITARIAN DISTINCTIONS. Hence God the Father reigns in an emotional Subheaven, the Son reigns or, rather, governs in an intellectual Heaven, and the Holy Spirit leads in a spiritual Superheaven.


7. NATURE OF CHRISTIAN ONENESS. The Father, Son, and Holy Ghost are three deities in the one context, the context, germane to the purgatorial sphere in which Christianity operates, of the brain.


8. 'LESSER' AND 'GREATER' DISTINCTIONS. The lesser Subheaven of the Father should no more be confounded with the greater Subheaven of Jehovah ... than the lesser Superheaven of the Holy Ghost with the greater Superheaven of the Holy Spirit of Heaven, which is antithetical not to the Father but to the Clear Light of the Void.


9. 'LESSER' INTELLECTUAL HEAVEN. Compared to the intellectual Heaven (Purgatory) of the Son, the intellectual Heaven of the Christ Child, as germane to Catholicism, is a lesser intellectual Heaven which is but a means to the Holy Spirit.


10. 'GREATER' SUPERHEAVEN. In like fashion, the Second Coming is but a means to the Holy Spirit of Heaven, the greater Superheaven of God per se, which stems from a purgatorial (intellectual) precondition in his Messianic teachings.


11. CONTRASTING FATES OF THE SON. The Son leads not to the Holy Spirit but either becomes a purgatorial writerly end-in-himself (Puritanism) or stands in the shadow of the Father (Dissenterism) or of the Mother (Anglicanism), wherein He is effectively subordinated, in the one case, to an emotional Subheaven of readerly import and, in the other case, to the sensual World, wherein speech has its throne.


12. CATHOLIC 'ATHEISM' VIS--VIS THE FATHER. Only the Christ Child leads to the Holy Spirit ... in due Catholic, and prayerful, fashion, a Christ Who is less the Son of the Father/Mother, in Protestant fashion, than of the Virgin Mary, whose miraculous impregnation, in effectively transcending and dispensing with the Father, is the basis from which attainment of the Holy Ghost via the Christ Child subsequently becomes possible.


13. MUTUALLY EXCLUSIVE EXTREMES. Hence the achievement of a Christian transcendentalism in the Holy Spirit presupposes the minimization of a Christian fundamentalism in the Father, as well as the reduction of Christian nonconformism to the purgatorially prayerful level of the Christ Child.


14. ALTERNATIVE HELLS AND HEAVENS. Such a Christian transcendentalism should no more be confounded with transcendentalism per se than its fundamentalist counterpart in the Subheaven of the Father ... with fundamentalism per se, which, in any case, is less a thing of Subheaven, whether greater or lesser, than of Subhell, the Allahesque Subhell of the subfeminine blood/heart, which stands in a contrary relationship to the greater Subheaven of Jehovah in the sun/ears, and in a fallen relationship to the Superhell of the Clear Light of the Void, rooted in the superfeminine cosmos/eyes.