1.   CLASS CHARACTERS OF PHENOMENAL/NOUMENAL PLANES.  To contrast the lower-class character of Mass with the middle-class character of Volume, contrasting each of these with the upper-class character of Time and the classless character of Space.


2.   RISING AND FALLING THROUGH NATURE AND CIVILIZATION.  To rise, through nature, from the lower-class character of realism to the middle-class character of nonconformism, as from massed Mass to voluminous Volume, but to fall, through civilization, from the middle-class character of materialism to the lower-class character of humanism, as from volumetric Volume to massive Mass.


3.   RISING AND FALLING THROUGH CULTURE AND BARBARISM.  To rise, through culture, from the upper-class character of naturalism to the classless character of transcendentalism, as from sequential Time to spaced Space, but to fall, through barbarism, from the classless character of idealism to the upper-class character of fundamentalism, as from spatial Space to repetitive Time.


4.   SLANG CORRELATIONS.  Of yobs, slobs, nobs, and snobs in relation to 'pricks', 'cunts', 'bums', and 'jerks' (in that order).  For the yob is effectively a 'prick', the slob a 'cunt', the nob a 'bum', and the snob a 'jerk' (and this contrary to what I used to think).


5.   FALLING WITHIN SNOBBERY.  To fall from the classless snobbery of idealism to the upper-class snobbery of fundamentalism, as from primal doing to supreme doing, the eyes to the heart.


6.   RISING WITHIN NOBBERY.  To rise from the upper-class nobbery of naturalism to the classless nobbery of transcendentalism, as from primal being to supreme being, the ears to the lungs.


7.   FALLING WITHIN SLOBBERY.  To fall from the middle-class slobbery of materialism to the lower-class slobbery of humanism, as from primal giving to supreme giving, the tongue to the womb.


8.   RISING WITHIN YOBBERY.  To rise from the lower-class yobbery of realism to the middle-class yobbery of nonconformism, as from primal taking to supreme taking, the flesh to the brain.


9.   MORAL CHARACTERISTICS OF WOMAN.  Woman is usually both a snob and a slob, or, as Baudelaire put it, a tyrant and a slave.


10.  MORAL CHARACTERISTICS OF MAN.  Man is usually both a yob and a nob, a 'prick' and a 'bum', rather than, like woman, a 'cunt' and a 'jerk'.


11.  ROOTED IN VANITY.  Unlike man, woman is rooted in vanity, the basis of all snobbery.


12.  NOBLE ASPIRATION.  Man aspires, if honourable, towards the universal centre of all nobility, which, as spirit, is as far removed from the light of vanity as it is possible to be.  Man has the capacity to go beyond.  Woman doesn't!


13.  CHARACTERISTIC ORIENTATIONS IN RELATION TO GENDER.  Woman is both a civilized slob and a barbarous snob whose characteristic orientation in life, being objective, is right wing, in contrast to the left-tending orientation, through subjectivity, of that which, as man, is both a natural yob and a cultural nob.  In fact, man and woman are transcended by God and the Devil when culture and barbarism are at issue, the nob being no less divine than the snob is diabolic, and this whether negatively or positively, in relation, in other words, to naturalism/transcendentalism or to idealism/fundamentalism.


14.  FALL FROM CLASSLESS TO UPPER-CLASS SNOBBERY.  From the snob of sensuality, rooted in the eyes, to the snob of sensibility, rooted in the heart - a devolutionary regression (fall) from idealism to fundamentalism, the 'snogg*** jerk' of classless snobbery to the 'frigg*** jerk' of upper-class snobbery.


15.  RISE FROM UPPER-CLASS TO CLASSLESS NOBBERY.  From the nob of sensuality, centred in the ears, to the nob of sensibility, centred in the lungs - an evolutionary progression (rise) from naturalism to transcendentalism, the 'frigg*** bum' of upper-class nobbery to the 'snogg*** bum' of classless nobbery.


16.  FALL FROM MIDDLE- TO LOWER-CLASS SLOBBERY.  From the slob of sensuality, rooted in the tongue, to the slob of sensibility, rooted in the womb - a devolutionary regression (fall) from materialism to humanism, the 'sodd*** cunt' of middle-class slobbery to the 'fuck*** cunt' of lower-class slobbery.


17.  RISE FROM LOWER- TO MIDDLE-CLASS YOBBERY.  From the yob of sensuality, centred in the flesh, to the yob of sensibility, centred in the brain - an evolutionary progression (rise) from realism to nonconformism, the 'fuck*** prick' of lower-class yobbery to the 'sodd*** prick' of middle-class yobbery.