1.   STANDING OF METACHEMICAL TO CHEMICAL.  The metachemical stands to the chemical as Space to Time, being the preserve of both the Devil (superfeminine) and God (supermasculine).


2.   STANDING OF METAPHYSICAL TO PHYSICAL.  The metaphysical stands to the physical as Volume to Mass, being the preserve of both woman (negative feminine) and man (positive masculine).


3.   AIR AND WATER.  Air is a metachemical element, whereas water is metaphysical.


4.   STANDING OF POSITIVE METAPHYSICAL TO POSITIVE METACHEMICAL.  The positive metaphysical stands to the positive metachemical as Christ to the Holy Spirit (of Heaven).


5.   PHENOMENAL LIMITATION OF CHRISTIC SALVATION.  Christ saves from the negative physicality of the World or, more correctly, the realistic Underworld ... to the positive metaphysicality of the nonconformist Overworld, which is to say, from a physical Heaven in the flesh to a metaphysical Heaven in the brain.  However, Christ does not save beyond that point, since the metachemical Heaven of the lungs is above the phenomenal plane of metaphysics, which is something one would have to abandon in order to attain to a definitive salvation - the salvation, more specifically, of the Holy Spirit of Heaven.


6.   NOUMENAL INFINITY OF SUPERCHRISTIC SALVATION.  It could be said that the Superchrist, or Second Coming, saves from the negative chemistry of the naturalistic Netherworld ... to the positive metachemistry of the transcendental Otherworld, which is to say, from a chemical Heaven in the ears to a metachemical Heaven in the lungs.  Yet, over and above this, salvation is also from the phenomenal plane of nonconformist understanding, or intellectuality, to the noumenal plane of transcendentalist peace, from the metaphysical to the metachemical, so that, ultimately, even Christ is something from which one needs to be saved, if true divinity in the Holy Spirit of Heaven is to become the norm.  Yet how can such a salvation happen if not through the Second Coming, and thus effectively via the negative chemistry of the naturalistic Netherworld, so that one can rise up, presumably via some audio appreciation of his truth, towards the positive metachemistry of the transcendental Otherworld, wherein the lungs will speak for themselves on truly transcendent (in relation to the brain) terms.