1.   DEVOLUTIONARY OVERVIEW FROM IDEALISM TO NATURALISM.  From the elemental metachemistry of scientific idealism to the elemental chemistry of religious naturalism via the molecular metaphysicality of political materialism and the molecular physicality of economic realism.


2.   EVOLUTIONARY OVERVIEW FROM FUNDAMENTALISM TO TRANSCENDENTALISM.  From the elemental chemistry of scientific fundamentalism to the elemental metachemistry of religious transcendentalism via the molecular physicality of political humanism and the molecular metaphysicality of economic nonconformism.


3.   RISE OF ECONOMICS.  To rise, in massed Mass, from the physicality of economic realism to the metaphysicality, in voluminous Volume, of economic nonconformism, as from negative to positive masculinity, the Antichrist to Christ, socialism to capitalism, democratic to bureaucratic economics.


4.   FALL OF POLITICS.  To fall, in volumetric Volume, from the metaphysicality of political materialism to the physicality, in massive Mass, of political humanism, as from negative to positive femininity, the Antimother to the Mother, parliamentarianism to republicanism, bureaucratic to democratic politics.


5.   RISE OF RELIGION.  To rise, in sequential Time, from the chemistry of religious naturalism to the metachemistry, in spaced Space, of religious transcendentalism, as from negative to positive divinity, the Antispirit to the Holy Spirit (of Heaven), Communism to Social Transcendentalism, autocratic to theocratic religion.


6.   FALL OF SCIENCE.  To fall, in spatial Space, from the metachemistry of scientific idealism to the chemistry, in repetitive Time, of scientific fundamentalism, as from negative to positive devility, the Anti-allah to Allah, Fascism to Islamic fundamentalism, theocratic to autocratic science.