1. GOOD AND EVIL GODS. Just as there is a God of sensibility, a good God, so there is a God of sensuality, an evil God - the former true and the latter weak.


2. GOOD AND EVIL DEVILS. Just as there is a Devil of sensibility, a good Devil, so there is a Devil of sensuality, an evil Devil - the former strong and the latter illusory.


3. GOOD AND EVIL MEN. Just as there is a man of sensibility, a good man, so there is a man of sensuality, an evil man - the former knowledgeable and the latter ugly.


4. GOOD AND EVIL WOMEN. Just as there is a woman of sensibility, a good woman, so there is a woman of sensuality, an evil woman - the former beautiful and the latter ignorant.


5. CONTRAST BETWEEN GOOD AND EVIL. Sensuality is everywhere evil compared to or, rather, contrasted with sensibility, which is alone good ... in terms of its relationship to virtue as opposed to vice.


6. FROM EVIL TO GOOD DIVINITY. From the evil God of fiery naturalism to the good God of airy transcendentalism, as from Jehovah to the Holy Spirit of Heaven.


7. FROM EVIL TO GOOD DEVILITY. From the evil Devil of cosmic idealism to the good Devil of bloody fundamentalism, as from the Clear Light of the Void to Allah.


8. FROM EVIL TO GOOD MASCULINITY. From the evil man of earthy realism to the good man of cerebral nonconformism, as from the Antichrist to Christ.


9. FROM EVIL TO GOOD FEMININITY. From the evil woman of watery materialism to the good woman of fecund humanism, as from the Antimother to the Mother.


10. RELIGIOUS GOOD AND EVIL. The evil God is a religious communist and the good God a religious centrist (pronounced centerist).


11. SCIENTIFIC GOOD AND EVIL. The evil Devil is a scientific fascist and the good Devil a scientific monarchist.


12. ECONOMIC GOOD AND EVIL. The evil man is an economic socialist and the good man an economic capitalist.


13. POLITICAL GOOD AND EVIL. The evil woman is a political parliamentarian and the good woman a political republican.


14. SENSUAL EVIL VIS--VIS SENSIBLE GOOD. Evil is everywhere the sensual alpha and good, by contrast, the sensible omega, irrespective of whether objective or subjective. For there is, besides the more blatant forms of evilness, subjective evil, as in naturalism and realism, no less than, besides the more blatant forms of goodness, objective good, as in fundamentalism and humanism.