1. SMOKING VICE. Smokers tend to display a lack of spiritual self-esteem, especially with regard to the lung-deep inhalation of cigarette tobacco.


2. WEAK AND ILLUSORY SMOKING. Cigarette smoking is a weak form of evil, compared to the illusory evil of pipe smoking.


3. IGNORANT AND UGLY SMOKING. The smoking of roll-ups is an ignorant form of evil, compared to the ugly evil of cigar smoking.


4. NEGATIVE NOUMENAL FATES OF SMOKERS. Cigar smokers can be negatively saved to cigarette smoking, progressing from phenomenal subjectivity to noumenal subjectivity, just as the smokers of roll-ups can be negatively damned to pipe smoking, regressing from phenomenal objectivity to noumenal objectivity.


5. SMOKING CORRELATIONS OF NOUMENAL EVIL. Pipe smoking corresponds to the evil Devil of idealism, whereas cigarette smoking corresponds to the evil God of naturalism.


6. SMOKING CORRELATIONS OF PHENOMENAL EVIL. The smoking of roll-ups corresponds to the bad woman of materialism, whereas cigar smoking corresponds to the bad man of realism.


7. ELEMENTAL DESCENT OF TOBACCO SMOKING. To descend, in elemental terms, from the 'light' of pipes to the 'soil' of cigars via the 'fire' of cigarettes and the 'water' of roll-ups, as from the Anti-allah to the Antichrist via the Antispirit and the Antimother.


8. RUBBISHING TRUTH. There is something almost British about smoking, which reflects a lack of respect for spirituality, and hence the lungs, as though they were effectively 'beyond the pale' of that which is rooted in sensuality. The smoker pollutes the lungs through tobacco inhalation, and thus effectively rubbishes the Holy Spirit/Holy Spirit of Heaven from a vicious basis in something which, whatever the exact form it takes, is fundamentally evil. Especially is this so of all forms of cigarette smoking, which, availing of lung-deep inhalation, are a direct rejection of moral sensibility.


9. SENSIBLE SMOKING. If there is such a thing as sensible smoking, or smoking in relation to sensibility, it could only be with regard to dope of one form or another, and thus the use of 'joints' and/or so-called bubble pipes. My impression is that the use of 'joints' for the smoking of, say, marijuana in conjunction with tobacco would correspond to the Father, as pertaining to Christian fundamentalism, and would thus fall within the category of immoral sensibility vis--vis the moral sensibility, relative to Christianity, of the Holy Spirit, which would be the victim, willy-nilly, of its abuse, a lesser submasculine nonconformism in the emotional brain vis--vis a lesser supermasculine nonconformism in the spiritual brain, with the possibility, in each case, of a greater submasculine/supermasculine overlap. The purer smoking of, say, marijuana in a bubble pipe, however, would correspond not to the Father but to Allah, and thus to a subfeminine parallel the essence of which was genuinely fundamentalist, given its correlation with the heart and thus, by implication, with blood. Whether such a mode of sensible smoking could be accused of 'rubbishing' the lungs is a moot point, though any kind of lung-deep inhalation would be less than respectful to them, were such a thing to occur without the inducement of tobacco. Certainly it could be regarded as a fall from the idealism of pipe smoking, with consequences no less diabolical with regard to the cultivation of an inner, or sensible, Hell.