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Dosshouse Blues


A Magnanimous Offer


Changing Worlds


Fixed Limits

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Michael Savage


Between Truth and Illusion


The Illusory Truth


A Question of Belief


The Fall of Love




An Interview Reviewed


A Visit to Hell


The Transcendental Future


Thwarted Ambitions


Secret Exchanges


Logan's Influence


From the Devil to God


Sublimated Relations


The Way of Evolution


Dream Compromise


Deceptive Motives


The Importance of Technology to the Transcendental Future


Stressing the Essential


Future Transformations


False Pretences


Becoming and Being


Post-Atomic Perspectives


Post-Atomic Integrities


Millennial Projections


Spiritual Intimations


The Will to Truth


A Selfish Man




Social Transcendentalism – Socialistic Means to a Transcendent End


Beyond the Pale


The Modern Death


The Politics of Sexuality


A True Extremism








Portraits – Power and Glory vis-a-vis Form and Contentment


Evaluations and Revaluations


Devil and God – The Omega Book


From Materialism to Idealism


Towards the Supernoumenon


Elemental Spectra


Critique of Post-Dialectical Idealism


Philosophical Truth


Veritas Philosophicus


Last Judgements


Maximum Truth & Truthful Maxims


Informal Maxims & Maximum Informality




From Satan to Saturn


From Punishment to Grace




Occasional Maxims & Maximum Occasions


Last Writes


Eternal Life – Supernotes from Beyond


Book of Beliefs – The Omegala


Omega Maxims & Maximum Omega


Omeganotes of an Ideological Philosopher


Revolutions & Revelations


The Ideological Philosophy of Social Transcendentalism


Deistic Deliverance


Ultranotes from Beyond


The Soul of Being


The Core of the Self


The Kingdom of the Soul


Terminological Dictionary of Social Transcendentalism


The Triumph of Being


Beyond Imagination


Bringing the Judgement


The Totality of Nature


The Promise of 'Kingdom Come'






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