The Next Totalitarianism

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Once again I must swallow my words and put aside claims to any given work being the 'omega point of my oeuvre', as has been suggested on more than one occasion in the recent past.  For Ethnic Universality takes my philosophy to an even more definitive level in relation to those attributes of each of the Elements which make will, spirit, ego, and soul possible and cause them to jostle for primacy or supremacy, according to the context, in individuals both separately and collectively, in civilization as a reflection of one sort of society or another, depending on a variety of factors, not least of all environmental.  But this title is equally definitive in relation to its understanding of ‘people's civilization’ and why, despite appearances to the contrary or what anybody might have to say, such a largely urban civilization, built around the proletariat, can only be totalitarian and is, even now, totalitarian in what most characterizes it and what the author holds to be the precondition of an ultimate totalitarianism, as alluded to in the subtitle, which will take this civilization to its omega point and therefore definitive realization. – John O’Loughlin.



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John O’Loughlin was born in Salthill, Galway, the Republic of Ireland, of mixed Irish- and British-born parents in 1952. Following a parental split he was brought to England by his mother and grandmother (who had initially returned to Ireland with her daughter upon the death of her Aldershot-based husband) in the mid-50s and subsequently attended schools in Aldershot, Hampshire and, upon the death and repatriation of his grandmother, Carshalton, Surrey where, despite an enforced change of denomination from Catholic to Protestant in consequence of having been put into care with Hill House Children's Home by his mother, he attended a state school. Upon leaving Carshalton High School for Boys in 1970 with an assortment of CSE’s (Certificate of Secondary Education) and GCE’s (General Certificate of Education), including history and music, he moved to London and went on, via two short-lived jobs, to work at the Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music in Bedford Square, where he eventually became responsible as a clerical officer for booking ABRSM examination venues throughout Britain and Ireland. After a brief flirtation with Redhill Technical College back in Surrey, where he had enrolled to do English and History A Levels, he returned to his former job in the West End but, due to a combination of factors, left the Associated Board in 1976 and began to pursue a literary vocation which, despite a brief spell as a computer tutor at Hornsey YMCA in the late '80s and early '90s, he has steadfastly continued with ever since. His novels include Changing Worlds (1976), An Interview Reviewed (1979), Secret Exchanges (1980), Sublimated Relations (1981), and Deceptive Motives (1981). Since the mid-80s Mr O'Loughlin has dedicated himself almost exclusively to philosophy, which he regards as his true literary vocation, and has penned more than seventy titles of a philosophical nature, including Devil and God (1985-6), Towards the Supernoumenon (1987), Elemental Spectra (1988-9), Philosophical Truth (1991-2) and, more recently, The Best of All Possible Worlds (2008), The Centre of Truth (2009), Insane but not Mad (2011) and Philosophic Flights of Poetic Fancy (2012).


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