If there is such a thing as a truth that is too pure for certain people, less psychically evolved, to take, then may we not suppose this situation may extend to an entire work, an entire book, in which undiluted truths are the creative norm.  Such books haven't, admittedly, been too plentiful in the past; for we are only now beginning to live in a purely truthful age.  Nevertheless books with diluted truths, proportionate to the degree of evolution manifest in the writer and his society at any given time, have caused similar problems for people who weren't 'up to' the level of 'truth' therein recorded.  In this respect, such a book becomes akin to the Hindu metaphor of the Clear Light of the Void, which is too pure for the egocentric mind to abide with, inevitably resulting in its return to the world in some other flesh, as part of the recurrent process of reincarnation, until such time as, become more evolved, it can abide with the Absolute and thus escape the cycle of rebirths.

Returning to factual reality, this means that the evolution of human life on earth proceeds by degrees and that, strictly speaking, one can't 'gate-crash' the Divine.  One must earn the right to become an integral part of the Supreme Being, and one can only do this by improving the quality of life over the generations, from century to century.

Likewise one must earn the right to properly appreciate a certain type of truthful book, which necessarily remains a 'closed shop' to those who are insufficiently intellectually or morally evolved to do so.  As, in occult mythology, Count Dracula shies away from the Cross, symbolic of Truth and Goodness, and, in religious mythology, the egocentric mind shies away from the Clear Light, so, on the intellectual plane, the reactionary or traditional mind shies away from such revolutionary truths as are expressed in the foremost books, usually philosophical, of the age.  A man who cannot 'take' such truths ... inevitably passes negative judgement on himself, and reverts, in all probability, to fiction or perhaps even to poetry.

The great writer and thinker is thus in the position of being a kind of intellectual Supreme Being on earth, to whom many are drawn but with whom only comparatively few can abide.  The majority shy away from his stronger grasp of truth from fear that it will disrupt their particular psychic or intellectual integrity, causing them to extensively revise or even change their position.  Perhaps it will be only after several generations that the majority of men can come to abide and understand his truth.  In the meantime, he remains a kind of lone beacon, shining in the vanguard of psychic evolution, revered by some, but feared and even hated by many.

I like to see myself as such a writer, and I know that not all men can come to me at present and wholeheartedly acquiesce in what I write.  Nevertheless I live in the hope that, eventually, most men will come to me if they are to grasp the prerequisites of salvation, and thereby set themselves on the right road for the only reasonable evolutionary goal.  For, unless they abide with the driving light of my truth, they will continue to flounder in the comparative darkness of pedestrian illusions, shut out from the promise of Eternity.


John O'Loughlin, 1982 (Revised 2006-12)