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1. The Philosopher of Truth

2. Relationship of the Great Philosophical Writer to the World

3. Thingful Deities of the Common Man

4. The Barbarous Pressures on Declining Civilization

5. Thoughts on Man and Woman

6. On the British Constitution

7. The Flesh

8. TV and PC

9. Insect Analogy

10. Manner of My Thinking

11. Social Theocracy

12. A Consolidated World

13. A Confession

14. Paradoxical Accommodation of Righteousness to Vanity

15. Pragmatic Compromise

16. Maggots After Life

17. The Fall of Man Through Woman

18. Extenuating Circumstances

19. Thoughts on 'Stalingrad'

20. A Logical View of Right and Wrong

21. Music Infused with the Beat

22. Mass Movements and the Masses

23. Thoughts on Jazz

24. The Weimar Republic

25. Abstract Contemplation

26. Christian Paradox

27. Psychic Truth and Intellectual Truth

28. The Irish Republic

29. Writers

30. Elements and Pseudo-Elements in Ratio Perspective

31. The Methodologies of Saluting

32. Ratios of Soma to Psyche and of Psyche to Soma in the Elements and Pseudo-Elements

33. Who and What You Are/Are Not and Have/Have Not in Axial Perspective

34. Not 'Au Fait' with 'Ladies and Gentlemen'

35. Conscious and Superconscious vis-a-vis Ego and Superego

36. Those Who Are Representatively Irish

37. Age of Screen Addiction

38. The Implications of Social Theocratic Progress

39. Objection to Worldly Religion

40. Stars and Crosses

41. Body-Mind Symbiosis vis-a-vis Mind-Body Symbiosis

42. Hitler's Eschatology

43. Paradox of Success

44. The Great Fire of London

45. The Superman

46. Britain and the Jews

47. Understanding Supremacy and Primacy

48. Resurrecting 'the Dead'

49. An Important Distinction

50. A Taboo on 'Fathers'

51. Incidentals

52. A Distinction of Minds

53. Distinctions in Metaphysics and Physics

54. Man is not Born Free

55. Fallacy of Partial Perspective

56. Eschatological Speculations Concerning the Triadic Beyond

57. Space Centre Speculations

58. Heart and Spinal Cord

59. Why Egotism Morally Fails the Self

60. Noumenal and Phenomenal Contrasts in Hegemonic and Subordinate Modes

61. Hell is in the Devil as God is in Heaven

62. Jews and the Cross

63. The Atomic Limitations of Sanity

64. Literary Paradoxes

65. What is Madness?

66. Insane but not Mad