Man stands between ape and superman,

But the Superbeing will stand between

The latter and the Spiritual Globes,

Devoid of ego.


The Superbeing won't require

The assistance of synthetic drugs

To expand consciousness upwards,

For it will be beyond the visionary.


Living in the light of superconscious mind,

The Superbeing will be solely concerned

With the cultivation of spirit, as a means

To the attainment of transcendence.


The new brains of the Superbeing

Will be fused together

Into a collective entity transcending

The communal separateness of supermen,

Each new brain being a component of the whole.


And, like a tree whose leaves

Are packed closely together

And significant of sensual communalism,

The Superbeing will signify

The spiritual communalism of

The highest phase of millennial life.


There will be many such Superbeings

Throughout the planet,

And they will eventually

Attain to transcendence, becoming

Spiritual Globes which will merge

Into one another in the transcendental Beyond.