There will be many Spiritual Globes

Throughout the Universe, following

The attainment to transcendence by

The Superbeings, but they will merge

With those nearest to themselves

And thus form progressively larger wholes.


These Spiritual Globes won't be things

But metaphysical states-of-mind,

And because they'll represent

Being at its purest, will be attracted

Towards one another in the transcendental Beyond.


Doubtless those within the vicinity

Of this part of the Galaxy will merge

Into wholes which may in turn be attracted

Towards those in remoter parts of it,

So that, eventually, all Spiritual Globes there

Will become unified.


And as the attraction of other Spiritual Globes

From other galaxies is felt, so will those

Which exert the strongest attraction,

Presumably because they are larger,

Exert the most influence.


Thus they will attract

The smaller Spiritual Globes to themselves,

To some extent being pulled

But to a greater extent pulling,

Until Spiritual Globes from separate galaxies

Duly become merged.


And with the gradual merging

Of these 'galactic globes' of pure spirit,

The convergence to the Omega Absolute

Will be nearer completion, requiring

Only the merging of more distant globes

To form the ultimate 'universal globe' ...

Of God ... the Supreme Oneness.