Considered in its ultimate manifestation

Supreme Being would be

Antithetical in constitution to the stars,

And therefore it wouldn't shine

With a star-like radiance.

Rather, this supreme state-of-being

Would be all but invisible to sight,

Since essence rather than appearance

Is the attribute of an ultimate life.

Supreme Being could only be

Noumenally experienced, never phenomenally seen,

And it would amount to a density

Of pure spirit glowing in the void of space.

Such a density, if detectable, could

More resemble a Black Hole than a star.

Indeed, it might well constitute

What are now regarded as Black Holes

From the viewpoint of the optical sense.

If this were so, then terms like

The 'Clear Light of the Void' are inadequate

For describing Ultimate Reality, since stressing

The apparent rather than the essential.

God as Supreme Being wouldn't possess

The apparent attributes of a star,

But would be inner light - the opposite

Of outer light, whether clear or not.

The Holy Ghost is a better term for approaching

The noumenal essence of Ultimate Reality,

But 'pure spirit' is better again,

Since more noumenally specific.

A bias for any traditional world religion

Would be inappropriate to

The ultimate world religion.

We must adopt new terminology for

A fresh religious perspective.