Make no mistake, when sovereignty passes from

The people to a leader, when society passes from

The neutron level of Christ to

The free-electron level of the Holy Ghost,

It is 'all up' with republicanism.

You do not have a republic in which

A sovereign leader exists.

The emergence of such a person presupposes

The end of democratic republicanism,

And signifies the beginning of

Theocratic centrism and the age of theocracy.

As autocratic sovereignty preceded republicanism,

So should theocratic sovereignty succeed it.

If the autocratic ruler, as the earthly embodiment of

The Father, ruled by so-called 'Divine Right',

Then the theocratic leader, as the earthly embodiment of

The Holy Spirit, leads by 'Divine Right'.

The people's representative represents the people by

Natural right, derived from the Christian notion of

The equality of all souls, and, in a sense,

He may be regarded as

The earthly embodiment of Christ, Who, likewise,

Must be crucified and resurrected,

Or undergo periodic General Elections which

May result in his removal from office (crucifixion)

And due replacement by

A new people's representative (resurrection)

Under an alternative government.

No such relativity, however, can apply to

A leader, who, on account of his 'Divine Right',

Isn't democratically accountable to the people,

But uses them to further his divine ends,

And must remain in power on a permanent basis,

Since his absolutist status entitles him to

An 'eternity' commensurate with the Supernatural,

Is but a reflection of an Eternal Order

Beyond the comings and goings,

Risings and fallings of the temporal.

The monarch also has his 'eternity', derived from

A so-called 'divine right' appertaining to the stars

And, originally, to the central star of the Galaxy.

He is akin to a quasar on earth,

And his noblemen derive their lordly sovereignty from

The smaller stars, directly ruling over a peasantry

In microcosmic reflection of

The direct rule of suns over planets.

Trees also reflect this galactic-world-order,

And may, in some degree, be regarded as

The blueprint for an autocratic society.

However, at the opposite extreme of evolution,

The theocratic society intimates of

The otherworldly Beyond,

The leader supremely sovereign

And his closest followers, or party comrades,

Deriving their regional sovereignty from him.

These regional leaders are responsible for

The execution of such administrative tasks as

The leader deems fit to authorize,

And are directly accountable to him,

Much as the feudal nobility

Were accountable to their monarch,

To whom they swore a direct oath of allegiance.

These regional leaders, on the other hand, lead the people

On terms specified by the leader.

In a democratic society, however,

The representatives of the people, including

The Prime Minister, are directly accountable to

Those who elected them

And are in no way entitled to sovereign judgements,

All men being considered equal in reflection of

The humanist criteria applicable to

A natural order, an order

Which, with the growth of antinaturalism, is

Steadily undermined, as some men (proletariat)

Are considered more equal than others (bourgeoisie),

And a class war duly ensues,

Resulting, if taken to its ultimate conclusion, in

A communist so-called democracy.

What distinguishes a divine right from

A natural right or, for that matter,

An anti-natural right ... is

The absolutist integrity of the former,

Whether on the subatomic proton level

Of autocratic rule or, alternatively, on

The supra-atomic electron level

Of theocratic leadership.

Divine rights are either instinctual or spiritual,

In contrast to the materialist relativity of

An atomic natural right of liberal representation

Or, alternatively, the materialist absolutism of

A pseudo-atomic (neo-proton) antinatural right

Of communist representation.

The instinctual so-called 'divine right'

Is aristocratic and feudal,

The spiritual 'divine right'

Is meritocratic and centrist.

The relative materialist natural right

Is plutocratic/capitalist, and

The absolute materialist antinatural right

Is bureaucratic/socialist.

Profane rights, whether natural or antinatural,

Take place within a republican context,

Where the People are politically sovereign.

Divine rights, whether instinctual or spiritual,

Take place outside such a context, either in

The pre-democratic Royalist context or in

The post-democratic Centrist one,

Where the People aren't politically sovereign,

Either because they are subjects of

The reigning monarch or because they are

Religiously sovereign, depending on the context.

The end of profanity is the beginning of divinity.

Where the Centre is concerned, it is

The true divinity inspired by the Leader

Rather than the false divinity accruing to the Ruler.

The omega divinity of the Holy Spirit

As opposed to the alpha divinity of the Father.

Self-realizing salvation of the People

And not their worshipful damnation.

We have lived long enough

In the purgatory of democratic profanity.

Let us now welcome

The coming salvation of the Leader's Heaven!