Mind is in the brain and a part of the brain

No less than wavicles are in matter and

A part of matter, while yet being distinct from particles.

If the brain is material, then it, too, is divisible into

Particles and wavicles, particles predominating

In the old brain, wavicles in the new one,

The brain itself a combination of matter and mind,

Neither wholly one nor the other.

Without brain there is no mind.

Consequently there can be no mind

Without brain on the human level.

Every brain has a mind and every mind a brain.

One day, however, mind will be capable of

An autonomous existence, independent of the flesh,

And then it will be pure and truly divine.

The salvation that Christianity has long promised

And prophesied - namely, a brainless mind,

Commensurate with the Holy Spirit, in a free-electron,

Supra-atomic blessedness of absolute being,

The pure awareness of a wavicle absolutism.

Such pure mind won't arise, however, from man,

Who is ever atomic, but, more probably, from

The second of our two projected post-human life forms,

The new-brain collectivizations of the Superbeings,

Those hypermeditating successors to the

Hypercontemplative Supermen, or brain collectivizations.

This second millennial life form, antithetical to a tree,

Will cultivate the spirit to such an intense degree,

In its superconscious absolutism, that spirit will

Eventually become autonomous and break away

From new-brain matter, to float freely into space

Where, in conjunction with similar

Free-electron transcendences, it will converge

And expand into larger wholes, tending, in a process

Embracing potentially millions of spiritual globes

And extending over eternal tracts of heavenly time,

Towards the definitive unity of

The ultimate spiritual globe universally complete.

The objective of evolutionary progress

Is therefore to free the wavicle essence of

The new-brain from its atomic appearance,

And thus bring about the independence of

Mind from brain. But, before this can be achieved,

The brain will have to be made independent of the body

And its lower mind of sensations and emotions.

For the body/mind dichotomy,

No less than the brain/mind one,

Also confirms a particle/wavicle distinction,

Only, one in which there are more particles

And fewer wavicles, to the detriment of the brain/mind.