Left-wing antinatural art will necessarily bring

The lowest to the fore at the expense of the highest,

Form at the expense of content, thereby creating

A non-representational art such as one finds

In both radical Expressionism and Abstract Expressionism.

It is as though the paint has been freed from

The harness of content and left to itself in

An anarchic mess of formless equalitarianism,

The painterly equivalent to Marxist purism,

A sort of petty-bourgeois participatory democracy

Without representatives and therefore

Non-representational, the degeneration of art

From the liberal representational level to

The radical democratic level of a painterly materialism.

However, when such formlessness is conceived

In the medium of light art, one can speak of

A Marxist-Leninist equivalent, since

A supernatural element, namely electric light,

Would seem to have been brought to bear

On the democratic formlessness of

The non-representational appearance.