Like non-representational art,

Representational art can be either

Left or right wing, bourgeois or proletarian.

If Modern Realism conforms to

A democratic socialist status,

Then Socialist Realism,

An altogether more militantly committed art,

Conforms to a totalitarian socialist status,

Being the principal art of the (former) Soviet Union,

A right-wing communist society

Which officially fought shy of abstract extremes.

By contrast, right-wing representational art

Will have Bourgeois Realism on the liberal plane

And Fascist Realism on the totalitarian plane,

This latter militant as opposed to urbane.

Thus while Bourgeois Realism depicts

Middle-class complacency and/or achievement

In a variety of representational contexts,

Modern Realism highlights

Working-class oppression under capitalism.

And while Socialist Realism depicts

Proletarian solidarity and achievement

In a variety of representational contexts,

Fascist Realism opposes the international proletariat

With the national interests of the militant folk community.