Man needs saving from so many things,

But here are some of the things

That theocratic Centrism

Will endeavour to save him from:

Democracy, Christianity, the State,

Nationalism, internationalism, tribalism,

Socialism, capitalism, materialism,

Nature, marriage, sex, disease,

Destitution, unemployment, poverty, despair,

Dogs, cats, horses, ponies,

Warships, bombs, guns, tanks,

Clocks, watches, hammers, mallets,

Skirts, dresses, high-heels, make-up,

Overcoats, macks, ties, collars, lapels,

Rhythms, harmonies, orchestras,

Conductors, classical, romantic,

Rock, punk, soul, funk,

Academies, theatres, concert halls,

Galleries, paintings, sculptures,

Prisons, houses, churches, pubs,

Graveyards, tombs, death,

Cars, trucks, bicycles, mopeds,

Coal, smoke, oil, tar,

Alcohol, tobacco, pipes, cigars, cigarettes,

Racing, gambling, speculating,

Stock markets, stockbrokers, banks,

Money, deposits, shares, and millionaires.

Not a complete list by any stretch of

The poetic imagination,

But a slight indication

Of what is probably still to come!