The Irish Republic, being liberal, is

A compromise between the Catholic Church

And the Republican State, as between

The wavicle aspect of the atom

And the particle aspect of

The neutron and/or electron.

There are those, I know, who would

Like to do away with this compromise

And bring about a state absolutism,

In what would be a hard-line People's Republic.

But they misunderstand Ireland if they think

That an electron-particle materialism

Would be acceptable to it!

For, in complete contrast to Britain,

Ireland is ever the land where, at least as far as

The majority population is concerned, a

Wavicle bias prevails, and such

Will doubtless continue to be the case in future,

Even if, in deference to historical evolution, that

Bias is transferred from the atomic Church

To the electron Centre, and thus established

On the highest possible terms,

Terms which less signify a stemming from the Father

Than an aspiration towards the Holy Spirit,

Irrespective, initially, of whether such

An aspiration is indirect rather than direct,

And thus involving recourse,

Through Social Transcendentalism,

To hallucinogenic stimulants like LSD

As the necessary prelude to the hypermeditation

Of a super-transcendental age.

But theocratic Centrism,

Whether in its first or second stages,

Cannot exist within a republic,

Like Christianity within a kingdom.

You cannot speak of a Centrist state,

Still less of a republican state with

A Centrist culture and 'church'.

The Centre, no less than

The Kingdom of pre-Christian times,

Would be absolutist, and while the

Kingdom incorporated its own pagan religion

And later went on to accommodate Christianity,

So the Centre would incorporate

Its own transcendental politics,

With particular reference to the bureaucracy.

One could therefore speak of

A state-based Centre, but Centre it would be,

If political sovereignty resided in the Leader,

And not, as with republican states, in the masses,

Whether bourgeois and proletarian, or only proletarian,

Neutron and electron, or only electron.