The State independent of the Church is

A communist ideal,

But the Centre independent of the State is

A Centrist one, and differs from the former

To the extent that leader's sovereignty

Differs from proletarian sovereignty.

A People's Republic, no matter

How dictatorial it may appear to the cynical eye,

Is still a democratic phenomenon

In which the proletariat,

In whom sovereignty resides,

Are represented by People's Representatives,

Including prime minister, president, and so on,

Who are accountable to the electorate.

A Social Transcendental Centre, by contrast,

Would be a theocratic entity,

Since totalitarian on account of

Political sovereignty residing in the Leader,

Who would be no-less independent of the State

Than People's Representatives in

A Communist Democracy are independent of the Church.

Whereas in a People's Republic the proletariat

Are an end in themselves,

In a Social Transcendental Centre, by contrast,

The Leader would be the means to a higher end -

Namely the introduction and development

Of Social Transcendentalism

In the People's moral interests,

Who will of course be its chief beneficiaries,

Since they are the ones who, if they so choose,

Will be religiously sovereign

And thus entitled to develop

Their spiritual potential

To the greater glory of their saved selves.