Emotion appertains to the particle aspect

Of the proton, the stuff of which passions,

Both transient and lasting, are made.

Emotion is thus a thing of the old brain,

Antithetical, in character, to will,

Which stems from the particle electrons

Of the new brain.

In between one finds thought,

That neutron-wavicle noumenon

Of the conscious mind, and thought can be

Either bound to emotion in superstition,

Or free from emotion in reason, depending

On the person or context/epoch in question.

Whereas emotions are perceptual, thoughts are

Conceptual, not felt but nevertheless known

By the apparent essence of the will,

Which both evokes and regulates thought according

To its electron-particle integrity.

Beyond thought, however, is the pure awareness

Of an electron-wavicle essence,

Antithetical in every respect to emotion.

One could speak of emotion

As fundamental to the Pagan Kingdom,

Thought as inhering to the Christian Church,

Will as fundamental to the Republican State,

And awareness as inhering to

The Social Transcendental Centre.

Emotion is soulful, but awareness spiritual.

Will is superior to emotion,

As reason to superstition,

But inferior to awareness.