Just as Roman Catholicism celebrates Mass

With the body and blood of Christ

Duly transmuted into the wafer and wine,

So Social Transcendentalism should celebrate,

In officially coming to pass,

The dual sides of its spiritual integrity

Through recourse to both 'acid' and 'coke',

Or some harmless derivative thereof,

The one symptomatic of its 'social' (bureaucratic) side,

The other symptomatic

Of its 'transcendental' (theocratic) side -

The former preponderant over the latter ...

As is the wafer over the wine

In the celebration of Mass.

For the wine is transmuted paganism,

The 'Roman' side of Roman Catholicism,

Whereas the wafer is properly Catholic,

Corresponding more universally

To the Mother than to the Father.

It is the wafer rather than the wine

That confers a truly Catholic bias.

Likewise it should be the 'acid'

Rather than the 'coke' (mainly reserved,

in any case, for spiritual leaders ...

as a symbolic intimation

of properly meditative futurity

within a drug-based culture)

That confers a truly social one.