Are you a giving or a taking man, one with

A bias for the Father or for the Holy Spirit,

Or are you both giving and taking

In approximately equal degrees,

Somewhere in between the absolutes

In a Christian relativity?

The sun gives light and trees bear fruit,

But pure spirit would only partake

Of its own blissful being,

As would the supra-beings

Of the preceding post-Human Millennium.

The further man evolves the less he gives

And the more he takes, thereby

Approximating to the goal of evolution

In passive self-containment.

Doing, by contrast, is more connected

With giving than taking,

And the active are usually those who give the most.

If to give is your bias, know that there is

A higher ideal in taking, especially in partaking of the self,

And that the taking man is potentially, if not actually,

A morally superior and more evolved type of being,

Not the good-for-nothing rogue he may at first appear!

Eventually, there will be no giving but only taking

Or, rather, partaking of pure mind.