Man's Final End isn't in God ...

As unified pure spirit set in space,

But in the Superbeings of millennial futurity,

That post-human epoch in time

Which more accords with Eternity.

Man's Final Overcoming is in the first

Of our two projected post-human life forms -

The artificially-supported and sustained

Brain collectivizations of the Superbeings,

Who will be as much above transcendental man

As tree-living apes were beneath pagan man,

Being a completely separate species of life,

Not beastly but divine, not animals but gods,

Knowing little of and caring nothing for

The world of man, that passing show

In between pre- and post-human life forms,

Never more strictly itself than

In a Christian, humanist stage

Of its painful evolution, when man

Was the relative measure of all things relatively.

Even the Supermen in the first stage

Of ultimate human civilization,

The Centrist civilization of a transcendental age,

Will attest to man's overcoming

To the relative degree of post-humanist affiliation,

An affiliation that will become

More radically post-humanist with the second stage

Of Centrist evolution in hypermeditating Supra-men,

A pre-millennial stage that will lead

To the Millennium-proper, and so

To man's ultimate overcoming

In hypertripping Superbeings, who in turn

Will be overcome and superseded

By hypermeditating Supra-beings

In the second stage of the post-Human Millennium,

The pre-heavenly stage leading directly

To the Beyond of spaced-up pure spirit.